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I am very grateful to all of my watchers, friends, and any readers who have commented, faved, and at least read my work! I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoy my stories~!


...pssst! the super adorbs author tag is by floralies :3

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Welcome to PikachuArt's page!

I'm just a college student who loves to write fanfics for fun! I hope you enjoy them! And please don't be afraid to talk to me, I love to make new friends!


Kaichou wa Maid-sama_Stars by Margo-K

Thank you for coming~~ come over here and let me love you to death~~ ^^
Kaichou wa Maid-sama_Yay by Margo-K

Love all of yous~~ :heart:



Let me introduce them to everyone~~ (cuz I love them and want everyone to know that~~!!! :heart:)

My Lovely Mama: :iconxboringasspersonx:
My ONE and ONLY WAIFU is :icondeer-princess:

Big sisters:

:iconreynwalker:, :iconnanamioffallingsnow: & :iconrandommred: & :iconcyndyrellah: & :iconthreepinkdoors: & :iconariesgoddessofwar:

My Little sisters are~~

:iconpichuart: & :iconrainbowuni-potato: & :iconmoonhoto: & :iconfaerismoka: & :iconyurri1234:

:iconrenee-niels: is my weird cousin that everybody only invites to the reunion because she's family but still doesn't socialize!

:iconvictory-peaches: and :iconxii-ri: are my best friends!!!!

:iconaznpanda216: is my beloved kouhai :3

and :icondarkpages: and :iconleanne-uzumaki: are my real-life frienduus.. ^^

I LOVE MY FAMILY~~!!! :heart: Wanna be a part of it? Just comment~~~~ :icontuzkidanceplz:
(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Happy Birthday DA!!

Ok, ok so here's my story.... I first made my account two years ago! (well, almost two years ago, I'm really close!) But I actually knew about DA a looong time ago. My friend in middle school had one and she'd show me cool pictures that people would put on here! Then a few years ago I saw that you could actually post stories and such and I enjoyed reading them (especially the xReaders) 

But what really made me join was the fact that Flipnotes Hatena was shutting down, (the one for the DSi) and I wanted a way to keep in touch with the people I'd befriended on there. That combined with the desire to have a place I can post my stories led me to make this account! (My friends on Flipnotes did make accounts! They are :iconxii-ri: and :iconawkwardimbecile: !! :heart:

So my first ever deviation that I posted on here was...

( ^∇^) --- >  Kisses like Raindrops~ Classmate!Japan x ReaderToday had been a pretty sucky day. You were late to school today, you forgot your homework when your math teacher finally decided to collect it, and you forgot your lunch that day. Overall, you pretty much wished that you crawled back into bed and stayed there instead of listening to your alarm clock… but then again, if you stayed home, you wouldn't have been able to see….. Him.
You were thinking of this when you were walking over to your locker late after school, pondering about that last train of thought you had. "Wait… I've only really wanted to go to school because of him?" I could feel my cheeks burn when I realized that it was sadly true. *How low have I gone if the only thing that brings me to school is a guy?!?* You groan to yourself. You reached your locker, and banged your head against it and just leaned against it for a bit while trying to sort out your thoughts.
This guy was not just any guy… he was Kiku Honda, the new transfer student who had just recen

I remembered being soooo nervous about posting up a story on here, but you guys loved it! Thank you!!

and then, I soon discovered a new character, of whom I fell in love with and I just couldn't stop writing about with! (long live tsunderes! xD)

My favorites that I wrote with Lovino was definitely--

The Best Medicine- LovinoxReader
You knocked on the door of an apartment on the first floor.
“Who is it?” yelled the occupant. He sounded a bit grumpy, but you smiled.
“It’s meeehh!” you yelled.
“Who?” he yelled again.
“Meeehh!” you said, weakly since you heard footsteps coming towards you. You heard the turning of knobs and the unlatching of knobs until you came face to face with your boyfriend.
“What are you doing, idiota? Since when was your name, Meh?” he said with a smirk.
“Lovi…” you said, pouting. You sniffed and then promptly hugged him, burrowing your face into his shoulder. “I’m shick. Very shick.”
“W-w-what?? Let’s hurry up and get inside, idiota,” he said, pulling you inside and closing the door behind you. He led you to the couch and wrapped so many blankets around you that only your head was visible.
“Lovino…” you laughed, but then began coughing. He looked very conc
 this one aaannnd  Warm Fuzzies- Lovino x Reader
“Hey, idiota, It’s me!” you heard Lovino yell from outside.
You ran, feeling happy, to the front door. You hummed as you unlatched the lock and opened the door as quickly as you could. “Hi Lovi~!” you said cheerfully. You then stopped and looked at him suspiciously. You slowly closed the door and peeked at him through the doorway.
“What are you doing-”
You cut him off. “Who’s that little cutie?” you pointed at the baby he was holding. You then struck a dramatic pose, “Ha-have you been… cheating on me Lovino?”
He sighed and pushed open the door. “This is my Niece, Rosetta, you idiota!”
Rosetta cooed and held her arms out towards you. You smiled and took her from your boyfriend. “I knew you’d never do anything like that… but ohh she’s so cute! She looks like a girl you!” You nuzzled her soft, chubby cheek happily while Lovino took off his shoes.
He grunted and then wa
 this one because I pulled out all the stops on the fluffiness! 
(^・ω・^ ) Fluffy overload!!

But the most favorited one was this one~~ Someone Who Makes Me Smile~ LovinoxReader
You were sitting on the bus, listening to your mp3 player and staring outside, but not at anything particular. Today was a beautiful winter day, which was something unusual for you to think -since you generally hated the cold- but today was also unusually warm and the sun was shining. You were happily and peacefully humming along to the song you were listening until-
“Hey, idiota, move over,” a familiar voice said as he poked your head.
Surprised, you quickly glanced at the person who invaded your daydreaming and pouted. It was Lovi, and he didn’t seem like he was going to sit anywhere else. You sighed and scooted over next to the window and hugged your backpack as he plopped down next to you.
When your thighs touched, you flinched and almost squeaked out loud but instead scooted over some more and buried your face into your backpack and prayed that he wouldn’t notice your reddening face.
Lovi and you were class mates for one of your college courses, and neighbo

Thank you guys all so much!!

And then I discovered a game called Fire Emblem Awakening and then had to write a BUNCH of stories about this adorably awkward guy...  An Unexpected Feeling~ Chrom x Reader
You smiled to yourself as you hid, looking out into the clearing. Your plan was perfect; but you just had to wait. You shifted your weight by leaning on your other leg. You didn’t want a “dead” leg to spoil the surprise.
“Aha…” you thought gleefully as you saw a familiar figure step out into the clearing. He walked out and looked around, clearly confused.
“That’s strange… I thought she said at this time…” you could hear him mutter to himself.
You had to try really hard as to not laugh out loud. Chrom… was so gullible! You hoped he wouldn’t look up… because there was a big bucket of water that you had sitting in the tree branches. If he walked…let’s see… two steps more forward… then he’d be in the perfect position… you took out your dagger so you could cut the rope attached to it…
“Whatcha doing?” you jumped and yelled out loud when you hear

So yes... I really enjoy being on here and I'd like to thank all my friends and DA for giving me a chance to share my love with everybody!! ^^


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