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I am very grateful to all of my watchers, friends, and any readers who have commented, faved, and at least read my work! I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoy my stories~!


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Welcome to PikachuArt's page!

I'm just a college student who loves to write fanfics for fun! I hope you enjoy them! And please don't be afraid to talk to me, I love to make new friends!


Kaichou wa Maid-sama_Stars by Margo-K

Thank you for coming~~ come over here and let me love you to death~~ ^^
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Love all of yous~~ :heart:



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Hello everyone!

Just a quick question/ poll like thingamabob....

How reliable is your gut feeling when it comes to thinking a guy likes you?? 

Thanks! Random I know, but I just have to ask!!

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Hello Everyone,

Long time no talk! Well, these few months.... since I've been juggling school with work and with church I have been way way way busy. Like at times over my head busy ;A;

So I apologize for my tardiness...

but thank you for all the birthday wishes, the valentines cards, the watches, and the comments. I do try to check in every once in a while and I did receive all of them but I've just never have had a chance to actually respond...

Thankfully now I have spring break so I can take a little breather. I will try to finish the second part of the Chrom story this week if I can find time (I have lots of projects! ;A; ) and I can chat (well if anyone wants too, lol) this week as well!

I wish I had time to be more active on here....

Thank you guys for being so patient with me!! I am very grateful for your support!!

Hope everyone is doing well...

:heart: -P-channie

+ well, concerning my Kakashixreader story... how can I put this....? I don't think, quite frankly I'll ever be able to finish it. And I know lots of people want me to finish it but it has been a long time since I've written it and read the series so would anyone like to adopt/ finish it for me? note me if you are interested. I know, it's random, but I just feel bad because I get so many comments about finishing it. 
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Author’s Note: This is an AU, where Chrom’s father did not kill most of the Plegians. However, relations between Plegia and Ylisse are still tense. The Exalt is still Emmeryn, but Robin (or the reader) is a princess of Plegia, with Validar as the king. Robin’s mother is still alive, and she is the Queen.

“Prince Chrom, this is Princess (y/n), visiting from Plegia,” Frederick introduced you to him after introducing you to his older sister, the Exalt.

He bowed as he looked at you with a queer expression on his face, as if he wasn’t sure what to think of you.

“Thank you very much for having me here,” you curtsied the best you could. You then looked up at the Exalt. “My mother said it’d be best to experience different cultures, so to have Milady,” you nodded politely at the Exalt, “host me for a week is very well appreciated… considering the relations between our people.”

There was silence as no one wanted to disagree with what you said.

In fact, the tension was so thick in the throne room, that you could feel beads of sweat forming on the back of your neck. This was a chance that your mother had worked so hard for… to convince your father to let you go to the “enemies” land.  

To your surprise, the Exalt embraced you. “Peace, my sister… while you are here with us, you will be as a member of our family,” she smiled as she looked at you after releasing you from her embrace. “And as such, I expect she will be treated with the respect you show me,” she said to everyone present in the throne room.

“Thank you, milady,” you whispered as you began to curtsy one more, but she placed her hand on your shoulder.

“Please don’t…” she shook her head. “I don’t like having anyone bow to me,” she smiled.

“But!” you insisted. Not bowing to the Exalt? If someone didn’t bow to your father…. You shuddered to think of it.

“No, child… Chrom,” she turned to look back at her brother. “Please escort the princess to the guest rooms… she is looking tired…”

He nodded and motioned for you to follow him. You inclined your head at Emmeryn (that’s at least enough respect, right?) and then quickly followed after the Prince, who didn’t seem to be waiting for you.

You both walked silently through the corridors, nodding periodically at the maids and knights who passed by. You got quite a few quizzical looks… you were in all purple and black the traditional Plegian colors… and very uncomfortable… you missed the robe and loose clothes you wore at home but the palace maids insisted you wore a dress so you wouldn’t look “underdressed.” On the way you spied a big room filled with books. You stopped walking and looked inside. There were tons of books! Much more than what was at the Plegian palace!

“Princess?”  You jumped when you remembered where you were.

“Oh! I’m so sorry it’s... I’m coming!” you began to walk over to him when he shook his head.

“No, it’s… alright. Did you want to see the library?” he asked (nervously? Was he nervous too? It wasn’t unease?) as he scratched the back of his head.

“Yes!” you unintentionally shouted out of excitement. “Oh! Sorry, I meant…” you cleared your throat. “Yes, please sir.”

Suddenly you heard laughter.

“What is so funny, Prince-“

“Please, call me Chrom,” he smiled for the first time at you. He then motioned towards the library.

“Let me show you around.”

He walked in and you were about to follow when you hesitated.

He looked back. “What’s the matter, Princess?”

“If I am to call you Chrom, then please call me (y/n),” you said, blushing. “It’s a nice thing… going by names. At home we don’t…” you stopped and then blushed. Maybe it was too presumptuous for you to ask him to call you by name?

He smiled kindly and then offered his elbow. “(y/n) let’s go! Maybe you’d like the same kind of books that Lissa likes…”

“The Princess? Where is she? And do you have any tactical books?”

More laughter ensued.

“You are quite different from what I imagined, (y/n),” he looked at you again, but this time it seemed to be more meaningful.

“And you are as well, Pr- Chrom,” you choked a bit the absence of his title. He laughed once more.


“So what does a princess have any interest in tactical studies?” Chrom asked as he found you, yet again, with your nose in a tactical book he had found you. It had already been three days since you first arrived, and they were all so kind. You, Lissa, Emmeryn and Chrom had become fast friends… and yo found yourself, for the first time, actually enjoying life.

You closed the book and smiled. “My mother was a tactician before she became queen,” you said simply.

“So… she taught you the ropes?”

You shook your head sadly. “My mother only snuck me some books whenever she could see me. You see,
Plegian court holds some very strict rules… so I envy the relationship you have with your sisters…” you said slowly as you looked out of the window. “All I have are my mother’s old tactical notes, and the few times of the year I do get to see her…” you turned to Chrom and saw the look on his face. You then quickly stood up and shook your head. “I’m sorry for being so gloomy. Didn’t we have an appointment with Lissa?”

He brightened up at that and laughed, yet again. “No, it’s just you now. She’s saying something about doing a makeover on you or something…” he looked around and whispered into your ear, “You can escape now, if you’d like. I can cover for you.”

You laughed and touched your ear. “You horrible brother! I think I can survive a few hours with your younger sister… I will go right away!” you got up and started walking towards Lissa’s room.

“See you later then,” Chrom called after you. “I think I’ll brush up on some of my tactical studies as well!”

You put a hand up in farewell, not wanting to turn around. If he saw the look on your face… your face was red and your ear still tickled where you felt his breath. What was this feeling? You shook it off as you then felt a tingling pain on your right wrist. You looked at it…

Damn it! The mark was getting bigger! The mark of Grima! There was a sudden overwhelming pain in your mind and you had to lean against the wall for support. You grasped your head in pain as you remembered what your father said, “You are the perfect vessel for Grima! Remember that they are your enemies!” The pain was unbearable, you screamed and fell down onto the ground.

Everything was blurry… you lay there for what seemed like hours… suddenly Chrom’s face appeared over yours.

“(y/n)…!” you could hear him say. “Are you alright? What’s wrong?”

As your vision began to darken, a face that looked just like yours, but with burning eyes said in a scathing voice… “That’s what you get for falling in love with the enemy!”

In love? With the enemy? A vision appeared in your mind, one of where Chrom was staring at you with a surprised expression. You looked down, and saw that your hand, with the accursed mark on it had struck him with magic. He fell down… after telling you to escape, and that you didn’t mean it. What didn’t you mean? Why was he dead? You screamed in anguish as you heard your father’s hollow laughter.

This was a dream right? Wake up then,
wake up!

Your eyes flew open, and you sat up, breathing hard. Your body was covered with sweat.

“(y/n)!” you heard a concerned voice yell. You turned to see that Lissa and Emmeryn were staring at you in concern.

“You guys… are alright?” you said, feeling relief sweep over you.

“What do you mean? We should be asking you that!” Lissa said, clearly confused.
Ememryn got up and felt your head. “Your fever’s gone,” she said and then she looked at your with concern. “You were moaning and yelling in your sleep… is this the first time it has happened?”

With a start, you looked at your wrist. It was even darker now, the mark of Grima. “Chrom? Where’s Chrom?” you said as you got up. The girls yelled for you to sit, you were too weak, but you stumbled outside your quarters and opened the doors.

There he was. Asleep, sitting by your door. You paniced for a bit- was he alive? You looked at him and saw that he was gently breathing. His eyes fluttered open and he looked at you- his eyes filled with concern and happiness. “(y/n) you’re awake!” he said, smiling, as he held your shoulder.

Alive. He was Alive. Tears began dripping down your cheeks. “Chrom… you’re alive…” you embraced him. you kept mumbling that he was alive and that he was okay.

He was surprised, but he then put his arms around you. “It’s alright… it’s okay…” he said as he put his hand on your head.

But it wasn’t alright. You remembered your vision as your arm burned. You had to leave.

You couldn’t trust yourself anymore.
Grima's Curse- AU!Chrom x Reader (1/2)
Hopefully this makes sense ^^'' Just another story exploring how Robin and Chrom could've met outside of that field....

This story is best read after you finish the game!

Part 1- you are here
Part 2- TBC

Chrom, Fire Emblem Awakening, and the picture are all owned by Nintendo
You belong to yourself! (or Grima??)
Story is mine!! ^^

Sorry for being so unactive on here. Just had a lot of things on my plate... but yeah! I'm back. I'm still in the midst of a big reader's block, so I don't know how many stories I'll be posting, but thank all of you, my friends and lovely watchers, for being so patient with me. ;u; 

Yay for Winter break! Merry Christmas!

:heart: -P-chan
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You shivered as a cold breeze seemed to blow right through your body. You grabbed the thin cardigan you had on and tried to draw it closer around yourself. But in spite of the cold you smiled quietly to yourself and thought, At least I looked cute today. Shameless, you knew, but the person you were trying to be extra cute for was someone special to you.

You heard your phone buzz so you took it out of your pocket. It was a message from that person you were just thinking about.

Look behind you…

Puzzled, you turned around only to be greeted with a jacket in your face.

“Tadashi!” you complained, but you smiled as you quizzically held his jacket.
He smiled back and said, “Put that on. You must be really cold in that outfit.”

“…Thank you…” you slowed down and let him catch up to you.

“Why didn’t you wait for me? We walk the same way anyways…” he said.

“Sorry… it’s just that my mom wanted me home right away…” you sighed. “But, I’m glad you caught up, you slowpoke! You’re such a nerd, getting distracted by books on medical studies that our science teacher saves for you,” you teased.

He laughed and then said, “It’s better than getting all excited when that new ninja manga series comes out with a new chapter,” he lightly hit you on the shoulder.

You stuck your tongue out at him. “Hey, look who’s talking! You like it too! The San Fransokyo Ninjas are your favorite as well!” as you waved your hands around in protest, you accidentaly dropped your phone. “Darn it!” you quickly went after it- but the thing was… Tadashi went after it as well. Your hands touched, but you both awkwardly jumped back as your jerked your arms away.

“S-sorry…” Tadashi blurted out.

“N-no, wait, why are you saying sorry? You’re trying to help me out..” you said as you felt your cheeks burning. Tadashi took the phone and handed it to you. You were glad it was getting dark enough that he couldn’t see your cheeks… but then you couldn’t see what his reaction was either. Darn.

“Thank you.”

You two just walked in silence for a few minutes after that until you both blurted out something at the same time to break the awkward silence. You both smiled and Tadashi motioned for you to go.

“You go first,” he nodded.

“Well, I was just going to say that Christmas is coming up real soon, so mine isn’t that exciting,” you said, scratching the back of your head awkwardly.

“Oh what a coincidence, I was just going to mention that my aunt was throwing a Christmas party at
the Lucky Cat Christmas Eve,” he said somewhat awkwardly back.

“Oh that’s awesome!” you said. “Is it just going to be family?” you felt a little pang at the sight of your apartment. That meant that you wouldn’t see him for a few weeks, as winter break was coming up. Well, unless you saw him at the Lucky Cat.

“Y-yes… but…” you both stopped in front of the entrance of your apartment complex. You took your
bracelet and tapped it against the scanner… while looking at Tadashi.

“But what?” you giggled. “Why are you acting so nervous? Is Aunt Cass making you dress up like Santa to help drum up some business beforehand?” you teased. “If that’s so, I’m going to have to ask Hiro to take some pics.”

“No!” he sighed. He then took a deep breath and said, “You’reinvitedtotheChristmasparty.”

“What?! You said that too fast!”

He was about to try again when suddenly Hiro popped out of nowhere. He laughed and said, “He wants you to come over for Christmas Eve!”

“Hiro?!” you both shouted simultaneously. Hiro was Tadashi’s 10 year old brother. You two loved pranking his older brother… but you thought that he was a little too nosy for his own good… although when it came to finding out more about Tadashi…

“Gee, brother, for such a smart person it seems like it is impossible for you to do something easy like asking out your girlfriend to a party-“

“Well, Hiro, let’s go home,” Tadashi interrupted in a pained voice as he smiled at you. He cupped his hand around Hiro’s mouth and Hiro squirmed, protesting. “But yes, I would- love- no wait- uh... no just… can you come over Christmas Eve?” even in the dark you could practically see how embarrassed he was.

“Yeah I’m sure I can! My family never does anything Christmas eve anyways, but I’ll text you later to tell you for sure.” You said, resisting an urge to jump for joy. What did Hiro mean by girlfriend? You tried to ask Hiro with a look, but he was grumpy because of what his brother was doing.

“That’s great!” Tadashi said happily. He then lifted Hiro up by his feet. “See you later!” He walked away, holding a protesting, angry Hiro upside down. You laughed at the sight and then quickly opened the door and shut it. You just stood by the entrance for a while taking everything in. What did Hiro mean? Did Tadashi li-? No, you shook your head. No use getting your hopes up. But a Christmas Eve party! How exciting! You ran up to your apartment, said a quick hello to your parents and ran into your room. What would you wear?


You were feeling overall happy and full of warmth as you walked home accompanied by Tadashi. Your evening had been filled with holiday cheer, great food, lots of laughter because of the antics of Hiro, and B-rated horror Christmas movies. It was overall not a bad Christmas Eve. In fact, it may have been one of the best you’ve ever experienced.

But you were nervous.

You felt in your bag for the wrapped gift that you had yet to give out- Tadashi’s. Would he even like it?

You were about to take it out of the bag when suddenly Tadashi took your hand.

“T-Tadashi?!” you said, surprised, but you didn’t pull away.

“(y/n), please listen for a bit,” He said as you both walked, now hand in hand.

You nodded, looking at him feeling concerned. Why was he being so serious?

“I’m… I’m going to study abroad for the rest of the year,” he said as he turned and looked at you.

“What?” you said as a feeling like pain struck your heart.

“You know how much I am interested in Robotics, right?”

You nodded, biting your lip.

“So the reason why I stayed back so late the last day of school was because our teacher was telling
me about a once in a lifetime chance where I get to work in school in Europe that specializes in
Robotics with Professor Callaghan!” his eyes sparkled with excitement.

You couldn’t help but smile at that. “That’s… great, Tadashi! I’m so happy for you!” you smiled as you pulled your hand out of his. The rest of the year, huh? And with no excuse to talk to him… you tried to suppress your selfish thoughts but you couldn’t help it. A big tear swelled out of your eye and ran down your cheek. “Ah, I got something in my eye!” you turned away and kept walking.

“Keep telling me about that school!”

He grabbed your shoulders gently and spun your around. “Don’t cry…”

“But I’m going to miss you Tadashi… and there’s no excuse I can use to talk to you every day!” you started crying more, feeling pathetic.

“You… you need an excuse?”

“Well, how else can I talk to you, it’s not like I’m your girlfriend, you bakka!”

He suddenly took your hand and then smiled with that adorkably cute smile he had. “Well, how’s this? Is this a good excuse to call?” You felt something cold and metallic on your finger. When he let go of your hand it was a small silver ring.

“A ring?”

“It’s a promise ring. Do you think you can wait for me? To come back, I mean… Hiro said that you were probably going to be snatched up by someone else if I didn’t do anything- wait, what am I talking about?” he rambled on awkwardly.

You grabbed his scarf and stopped his talking with a kiss. A cute peck on his lips.

His eyes grew big as he looked at you in astonishment.

“Is that a good answer…? Of course I’d wait for you… I’d wait forev- wait, no don’t make me get all gushy on you Tadashi Hamada,” you said, quickly wiping your tears away. “Of course I will still miss you to death but now that I can call you…”

He surprised you by sweeping you off your feet. “Call me. Every day. Because I’m going to miss you “to death” as well. I need you to remind me to check on the SF Ninjas as well… and I need to make sure I can keep you,” he had a goofy grin.

“Tadashi!” you protested, trying to squirm out so you could hide your ever reddening face but he wouldn’t let you go. After all, he had to look at you long enough to last six months.

When you got to the front of the apartment, you finally mustered up the courage to hand him your gift. “I hope you like it…” he started opening it, but you stopped him. “Open it when you get home, alright?”

You both looked at each other for a bit.

“I’m going to miss you,” he said softly.

“Me too…”

“But first, I got to pay you back for that surprise you gave me back there…” he suddnely put his hands on your waist and kissed you deeply.

Yup, best Christmas Eve ever. At least, for now.


You were looking at the ring on your finger as you read the latest letter that Tadashi had sent you. Your friends and mainly Hiro made fun of you for using such “old- school” means of communication, but you loved it. His handwriting was so cute, and you got to keep all of them. In fact, you practically had a box full of them! You ran your finger across the post script, where he had written that he loves you. It had been 5 months since he left, but the distance between you two had seemed to have grown you even closer.

You were daydreaming about that Christmas Eve when suddenly you received a text. Curious, you checked it. It was from Hiro.

“Look your nerd boyfriend is on TV”

What? You scrambled to turn on the TV in your living room. There he was on the news- he had won the
International Robotics Championship and he was getting interviewed. He looked happy and he looked directly into the camera.

“-I have to say it, even if it embarrasses her. This lucky hat is the reason I won, because the person who’s my number one fan gave it to me!” he tipped his hat and winked at the camera.

You grinned, rolling your eyes. “Number one fan?”

You smiled feeling happy.

He wore that hat you gave him.

The one you gave to him on that special night, Christmas Eve.
That Christmas Eve- Younger!Tadashi x Reader
Oooh boy, yes I've been unactive for a veeery long time. Sorry everyone... but I just had a really long period of time where I just could not write. Not at all. But I'm starting to get back into it. :D

I LOVE BIG HERO 6. I watched it twice. And I love this guy!! Tadashi is so perfect. xD and I couldn't believe that he died.... ;A; I was in denial the whole time! ;A; Buthe'snotdeadtomeeee

I hope you enjoy this story! It's my first time writing with  Tadashi, so I apologize if he's sorta OOC. ^^'' Especially since I wrote him as a high school student....

Merry Christmas!


Big Hero 6 belongs to Marvel and Disney!
You belong to you!
Story belongs to me!
Pic belongs to Disney!

Enjoy! :heart:

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