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Welcome to PikachuArt's page!

I'm just a college student who loves to write fanfics for fun! I hope you enjoy them! And please don't be afraid to talk to me, I love to make new friends!


Kaichou wa Maid-sama_Stars by Margo-K

Thank you for coming~~ come over here and let me love you to death~~ ^^
Kaichou wa Maid-sama_Yay by Margo-K

Love all of yous~~ :heart:



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Sorry for being so unactive on here. Just had a lot of things on my plate... but yeah! I'm back. I'm still in the midst of a big reader's block, so I don't know how many stories I'll be posting, but thank all of you, my friends and lovely watchers, for being so patient with me. ;u; 

Yay for Winter break! Merry Christmas!

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You shivered as a cold breeze seemed to blow right through your body. You grabbed the thin cardigan you had on and tried to draw it closer around yourself. But in spite of the cold you smiled quietly to yourself and thought, At least I looked cute today. Shameless, you knew, but the person you were trying to be extra cute for was someone special to you.

You heard your phone buzz so you took it out of your pocket. It was a message from that person you were just thinking about.

Look behind you…

Puzzled, you turned around only to be greeted with a jacket in your face.

“Tadashi!” you complained, but you smiled as you quizzically held his jacket.
He smiled back and said, “Put that on. You must be really cold in that outfit.”

“…Thank you…” you slowed down and let him catch up to you.

“Why didn’t you wait for me? We walk the same way anyways…” he said.

“Sorry… it’s just that my mom wanted me home right away…” you sighed. “But, I’m glad you caught up, you slowpoke! You’re such a nerd, getting distracted by books on medical studies that our science teacher saves for you,” you teased.

He laughed and then said, “It’s better than getting all excited when that new ninja manga series comes out with a new chapter,” he lightly hit you on the shoulder.

You stuck your tongue out at him. “Hey, look who’s talking! You like it too! The San Fransokyo Ninjas are your favorite as well!” as you waved your hands around in protest, you accidentaly dropped your phone. “Darn it!” you quickly went after it- but the thing was… Tadashi went after it as well. Your hands touched, but you both awkwardly jumped back as your jerked your arms away.

“S-sorry…” Tadashi blurted out.

“N-no, wait, why are you saying sorry? You’re trying to help me out..” you said as you felt your cheeks burning. Tadashi took the phone and handed it to you. You were glad it was getting dark enough that he couldn’t see your cheeks… but then you couldn’t see what his reaction was either. Darn.

“Thank you.”

You two just walked in silence for a few minutes after that until you both blurted out something at the same time to break the awkward silence. You both smiled and Tadashi motioned for you to go.

“You go first,” he nodded.

“Well, I was just going to say that Christmas is coming up real soon, so mine isn’t that exciting,” you said, scratching the back of your head awkwardly.

“Oh what a coincidence, I was just going to mention that my aunt was throwing a Christmas party at
the Lucky Cat Christmas Eve,” he said somewhat awkwardly back.

“Oh that’s awesome!” you said. “Is it just going to be family?” you felt a little pang at the sight of your apartment. That meant that you wouldn’t see him for a few weeks, as winter break was coming up. Well, unless you saw him at the Lucky Cat.

“Y-yes… but…” you both stopped in front of the entrance of your apartment complex. You took your
bracelet and tapped it against the scanner… while looking at Tadashi.

“But what?” you giggled. “Why are you acting so nervous? Is Aunt Cass making you dress up like Santa to help drum up some business beforehand?” you teased. “If that’s so, I’m going to have to ask Hiro to take some pics.”

“No!” he sighed. He then took a deep breath and said, “You’reinvitedtotheChristmasparty.”

“What?! You said that too fast!”

He was about to try again when suddenly Hiro popped out of nowhere. He laughed and said, “He wants you to come over for Christmas Eve!”

“Hiro?!” you both shouted simultaneously. Hiro was Tadashi’s 10 year old brother. You two loved pranking his older brother… but you thought that he was a little too nosy for his own good… although when it came to finding out more about Tadashi…

“Gee, brother, for such a smart person it seems like it is impossible for you to do something easy like asking out your girlfriend to a party-“

“Well, Hiro, let’s go home,” Tadashi interrupted in a pained voice as he smiled at you. He cupped his hand around Hiro’s mouth and Hiro squirmed, protesting. “But yes, I would- love- no wait- uh... no just… can you come over Christmas Eve?” even in the dark you could practically see how embarrassed he was.

“Yeah I’m sure I can! My family never does anything Christmas eve anyways, but I’ll text you later to tell you for sure.” You said, resisting an urge to jump for joy. What did Hiro mean by girlfriend? You tried to ask Hiro with a look, but he was grumpy because of what his brother was doing.

“That’s great!” Tadashi said happily. He then lifted Hiro up by his feet. “See you later!” He walked away, holding a protesting, angry Hiro upside down. You laughed at the sight and then quickly opened the door and shut it. You just stood by the entrance for a while taking everything in. What did Hiro mean? Did Tadashi li-? No, you shook your head. No use getting your hopes up. But a Christmas Eve party! How exciting! You ran up to your apartment, said a quick hello to your parents and ran into your room. What would you wear?


You were feeling overall happy and full of warmth as you walked home accompanied by Tadashi. Your evening had been filled with holiday cheer, great food, lots of laughter because of the antics of Hiro, and B-rated horror Christmas movies. It was overall not a bad Christmas Eve. In fact, it may have been one of the best you’ve ever experienced.

But you were nervous.

You felt in your bag for the wrapped gift that you had yet to give out- Tadashi’s. Would he even like it?

You were about to take it out of the bag when suddenly Tadashi took your hand.

“T-Tadashi?!” you said, surprised, but you didn’t pull away.

“(y/n), please listen for a bit,” He said as you both walked, now hand in hand.

You nodded, looking at him feeling concerned. Why was he being so serious?

“I’m… I’m going to study abroad for the rest of the year,” he said as he turned and looked at you.

“What?” you said as a feeling like pain struck your heart.

“You know how much I am interested in Robotics, right?”

You nodded, biting your lip.

“So the reason why I stayed back so late the last day of school was because our teacher was telling
me about a once in a lifetime chance where I get to work in school in Europe that specializes in
Robotics with Professor Callaghan!” his eyes sparkled with excitement.

You couldn’t help but smile at that. “That’s… great, Tadashi! I’m so happy for you!” you smiled as you pulled your hand out of his. The rest of the year, huh? And with no excuse to talk to him… you tried to suppress your selfish thoughts but you couldn’t help it. A big tear swelled out of your eye and ran down your cheek. “Ah, I got something in my eye!” you turned away and kept walking.

“Keep telling me about that school!”

He grabbed your shoulders gently and spun your around. “Don’t cry…”

“But I’m going to miss you Tadashi… and there’s no excuse I can use to talk to you every day!” you started crying more, feeling pathetic.

“You… you need an excuse?”

“Well, how else can I talk to you, it’s not like I’m your girlfriend, you bakka!”

He suddenly took your hand and then smiled with that adorkably cute smile he had. “Well, how’s this? Is this a good excuse to call?” You felt something cold and metallic on your finger. When he let go of your hand it was a small silver ring.

“A ring?”

“It’s a promise ring. Do you think you can wait for me? To come back, I mean… Hiro said that you were probably going to be snatched up by someone else if I didn’t do anything- wait, what am I talking about?” he rambled on awkwardly.

You grabbed his scarf and stopped his talking with a kiss. A cute peck on his lips.

His eyes grew big as he looked at you in astonishment.

“Is that a good answer…? Of course I’d wait for you… I’d wait forev- wait, no don’t make me get all gushy on you Tadashi Hamada,” you said, quickly wiping your tears away. “Of course I will still miss you to death but now that I can call you…”

He surprised you by sweeping you off your feet. “Call me. Every day. Because I’m going to miss you “to death” as well. I need you to remind me to check on the SF Ninjas as well… and I need to make sure I can keep you,” he had a goofy grin.

“Tadashi!” you protested, trying to squirm out so you could hide your ever reddening face but he wouldn’t let you go. After all, he had to look at you long enough to last six months.

When you got to the front of the apartment, you finally mustered up the courage to hand him your gift. “I hope you like it…” he started opening it, but you stopped him. “Open it when you get home, alright?”

You both looked at each other for a bit.

“I’m going to miss you,” he said softly.

“Me too…”

“But first, I got to pay you back for that surprise you gave me back there…” he suddnely put his hands on your waist and kissed you deeply.

Yup, best Christmas Eve ever. At least, for now.


You were looking at the ring on your finger as you read the latest letter that Tadashi had sent you. Your friends and mainly Hiro made fun of you for using such “old- school” means of communication, but you loved it. His handwriting was so cute, and you got to keep all of them. In fact, you practically had a box full of them! You ran your finger across the post script, where he had written that he loves you. It had been 5 months since he left, but the distance between you two had seemed to have grown you even closer.

You were daydreaming about that Christmas Eve when suddenly you received a text. Curious, you checked it. It was from Hiro.

“Look your nerd boyfriend is on TV”

What? You scrambled to turn on the TV in your living room. There he was on the news- he had won the
International Robotics Championship and he was getting interviewed. He looked happy and he looked directly into the camera.

“-I have to say it, even if it embarrasses her. This lucky hat is the reason I won, because the person who’s my number one fan gave it to me!” he tipped his hat and winked at the camera.

You grinned, rolling your eyes. “Number one fan?”

You smiled feeling happy.

He wore that hat you gave him.

The one you gave to him on that special night, Christmas Eve.
That Christmas Eve- Younger!Tadashi x Reader
Oooh boy, yes I've been unactive for a veeery long time. Sorry everyone... but I just had a really long period of time where I just could not write. Not at all. But I'm starting to get back into it. :D

I LOVE BIG HERO 6. I watched it twice. And I love this guy!! Tadashi is so perfect. xD and I couldn't believe that he died.... ;A; I was in denial the whole time! ;A; Buthe'snotdeadtomeeee

I hope you enjoy this story! It's my first time writing with  Tadashi, so I apologize if he's sorta OOC. ^^'' Especially since I wrote him as a high school student....

Merry Christmas!


Big Hero 6 belongs to Marvel and Disney!
You belong to you!
Story belongs to me!
Pic belongs to Disney!

Enjoy! :heart:
Stealing Glances and Holding Hands.

You breathed in the musky sent of the twilight air as you looked around, trying your best to stay alert. The night was just too tempting, and the sky was just too beautiful for you to be so serious, so after looking to make sure that the area was clear, you took out a star chart that you had hidden inside your robes and looked up at the stars.

“The great dragon is up there,” you heard a familiar voice from behind you and you nearly swore as you scrambled to put it away. You turned around and saw Chrom and nervously smiled.

“Hey Chrom… what are you doing here?” you laughed nervously and you looked around, as if that was what you were doing the whole time.

“I came to patrol with you,” he said simply. He started to walk and motioned for you to come with him.

“But Chrom, it’s not your turn to patrol! You’ve been exhausted and-!” you were stopped when he suddenly took your hand and started to walk.

You turned the deepest shade of red as a delightful sensation tingled through your arm. “But Chrom!
Remember what we discussed?” you said, embarrassed. But you didn’t let go.

He gripped your hand tighter and kept walking with you in tow.


He lead you through the forest until it cleared out- you were suddenly greeted by the sight of a million stars over the horizon.

“Wow, this is amazing!” you rushed forward, letting go of Chrom’s hand to stand near the edge of the hill. After a few moments you remembered that he was still there and looked back. “How did you find this place?” you asked him.

“When I patrolled earlier. I knew you’d like it so I brought you here,” he smiled as he stopped next to you.

You both stared silently at the glittering stars. You then slowly, sneakily tried to steal a glance at Chrom only to see that he was already gazing at you. When your eyes met, he quickly turned away.

You laughed, feeling just as embarrassed- even in the dark you could see that his ears were red.

You then took a deep breath and reached for his hand, grasping his palm. He then turned and smiled at you, still red, as he interwove his fingers with yours.



You looked anxiously for one person as you made sure that your friends were safely loaded onto the wagons that Olivia, the dancer, brought for your escape. You saw Basilio in the midst of the fleeing soldier.

“Basilio!” you yelled as you wiped rain away from your face. “Where’s Chrom?”

He looked at you and pointed towards a wagon. “He’s over there,” he yelled coarsely through the rain. The sting of defeat and loss was evident on his face.

In fact, it was on everyone’s faces. The great peacekeeper, Emmeryn had just died and you had just fought through an army of soldiers that were ordered to block your escape. The fight was bitter; it did nothing to ease the pain. But Chrom- he was all you could think about as you ran over to the
wagon. Him and Lissa- what heart wrenching pain they must feel from losing their sister. As you neared the wagon where he was at, you saw that he was looking for you.

When he made eye contact with you, he sat down as if the sight of you relieved him of a great burden. He then leaned over and held out his hand. “Come on, (y/n), let’s go home.”

You hesitantly held out your hand and he reached out and pulled you onto the small wagon. It was small, so it was just you and him.

When you looked up and wiped your hair out of your face, you saw his small smile- but the pain that reflected in his eyes-

That was it. You crumpled to the ground and began to cry in earnest.

Chrom was surprised. “What is it? What’s wrong, (y/n)? Are you hurt anywhere?”

That made you cry even more. “It’s. Just that,” you sobbed, “I’m so sorry! My strategy failed! Emmeryn… it’s my fault she died!”

He stooped down and sat down next to you. He then surprised you as he suddenly held you close to him. “(y/n), it’s not your fault… that was my sister’s choice, her answer…” he held you even tighter, then he shook his head, “I don’t understand why either but… I know it was for us, and her people…”

You calmed down as you looked up at him. To your surprise you saw a single tear run down his cheek.

You gently put your hand on his cheek and wiped it away.

“Chrom, we’ll get through this… together.”


Promise for the Future.

Your heart felt like it was going to leap out of your chest. The hearing the dress rustle around you as you walked- was different, at the very least. You never knew that putting makeup on could be such a long process, nor did you know that queens were required to stand so straight that you could pile a bunch of books on your head.

“Do I look okay?” you asked Lissa for at least the hundredth time in the row.

She smiled understandingly at you. “Yes, you silly goose- you’re going to make Chrom drool with how beautiful you are!”

You grimaced. “That sounds kind of… gross.”

“Yeah… well maybe the manners our etiquette lady has hammered into his head will prevent him from doing that…” she grinned. “But seriously, you look ravishing in that dress. Now hurry up and go so you can be my new sister already!” she shooed you out into the hall over to Frederick after kissing your cheek.

You walked in the most graceful manner you could manage as Frederick escorted you down the hall to where the ceremony was taking place. There was an open courtyard where the general public was watching. Amidst the columns on the inside of the castle, various nobles and court officials looking silently on from within and. You wavered slightly.

“Focus, (y/n), this is easier than all the battles you’ve strategized for us,” he said, amazingly without breaking the smile he was famous for as he steadied you. “Focus on him.”

You were suddenly aware that at the end, by the door was Chrom. He was, you almost laughed, as red and probably even more nervous than you felt. But when he locked his eyes on you, he smiled. You smiled demurely back.

When you finally reached him, Frederick bowed and handed you off to Chrom.

“You look… beautiful!” he said as he took your hand.

You blushed, partially gratified by the response, and partially because he said it louder than he probably intended to. It caused some amused laughter and a bemused Libra began to bless your union.

“Do you two swear, on the name of the benevolent Naga to both love and cherish each other til the end of your lives?” he asked his voice piercing loudly through the hushed silence of the crowds.

“I do,” you both replied in unison.

He then smiled and said, “I then announce you both to be King and Queen of Ylisse. May your union be a long and prosperous one!”

You then faced Chrom, happiness bubbling up in your chest. You leaned forward, expecting the bashful Chrom to give you a formal and chaste kiss, but to your surprise he suddenly lifted you up and kissed you deeply.

You turned the deepest shade of red but then wrapped your arms around him. The crowd was also surprised at first, but they then began to cheer, yelling out their blessings.

When he finally let you go, he gave you a goofy grin as he led you to show you off to the people.

“Long live the King and the new Queen of Ylisse!” they roared.

“…May you two never part!”
First... -Chrom x Reader
Hey there! Here's the promised Chrom Stories! I wrote a bunch of drabbles but then I decided that I'd stick them all together instead of submitting them separately. I hope you enjoy them! I tried to make them as fluffy as possible!! :iconlubplz:

Note : All of these take place before the second part of the story.


Story belongs to me
Fire Emblem, Chrom and all the other characters belong to Nintendo
You belong to you!
Pic also belongs to nintendo
First I want to do this tag. I was tagged back by my lovely little sis, :iconpichuart: :heart:

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/Phone/iTunes/media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this onto 10 people.

OMG. I have really... random songs. Ok, booting up my itunes..

1. Stargazer- Hatsume Miku
2. Fantastic Dream- Kaleido star OST
3. Sakae in Action- Summer Wars OST
4. Hato (pidgeon quest) - Hatsune Miku
5. Genie- SNSD
6. One's Summer Day - Spirited Away OST
7. Only One- BoA
8. Nobody- Wondergirls
9. Uso (lie) - SID
10. Dream Girl- SHINee

So basically, I have a lot of anime movie music xD and a lot of kpop. =u= Hey I've lately stumbled upon an album called "Ghibli in Jazz" and it's really good. really really good. 

So... yeah basically I've been really unactive here... again. ;A; it's just... life and school is keeping me really occupied at the moment but I'll try to keep in touch with you guys and I will be posting the occasional story on here whenever I can. I just finished another play through of FE:A so be expecting some more Chrom stories xD and maybe some other charas as well in there. You know what also has been keeping me really busy... it's Tomodachi Life. XD 

I really enjoy how I can just play it for a little bit everyday...

My mii has (unsurprisingly, I guess) married Chrom, and my mii self has two kids, who are named (of course) Lucina and Morgan. I think it was pretty amazing how my mii ended up with Chrom, because she was dating a kpop star ( Choi Minho from SHINee xD) that I put in there at the time and when they broke up p-mii (that's my new nickname for my mii) was not interested in chrom. They first became best friends and then dated, got married afterwards. Still no ring, of course from him!! 

other pairings that the miis have formed in my game..

Naruto x Cordelia
Blackquill x My friend
Edgeworth x Nanami (from Kamisama Kiss)
Professor Layton x Maya Fey... and then Professor Layton x Trucy. (totally weird, I know)
Phoenix x Mia Fey (even stranger)
Mikasa x Eren (which made me leap for joy. remember, you can't arrange anything in the game. and Mikasa went straight for Eren. She asked him out and asked him to marry her. XD)
Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) x Minho Choi (from SHINee) xD

(and my mii daughter is currently dating Link, who I nicknamed Rinku.)

it's addicting! XD

I'm also currently watching SAO II, which I think is sorta interesting. I like the long range gun fighting, and the fact that Kirito is OP and uses a sword anyways. aaand One Piece! which I'm starting to get really into.

Yup! So how are all of you doing! How's school, and what do you like to watch/play in your free time? ^^

Hope to talk to you soon!

<heart>, P-chan

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“Wow, it looks so beautiful!” you marveled as you looked outside at the Osaka scenery. It looked beautiful… you quickly checked your carry-ons… and then you felt in your pocket. Good… your letter was still there. You took your bags and followed the other people off the plane, but not before waving goodbye to the captain and the stewardesses.

“Okay… here we go…” you took a deep breath and then took your first step off the plane and into the land of the rising sun… Japan. Well, more specifically, you were at the Osaka International Airport, and were at once quite overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds.

You being in Japan was quite a feat for you considering the fact that you only learned some phrases from watching anime, but you pushed that thought away and focused on looking for your luggage. You scanned the signs, searching for the one that said…

“It’s that one there,” you heard a cute voice say.

You turned to see that you were face to face with a young man with caramel hair and startlingly pink eyes.

“Nagisa-san?” you said, suddenly blushing. Sure he sent pictures, but he was really…. Cute. You again felt in your pocket for the letter. Should you give it to him now…? You were then distracted by his expression.

He pouted and folded his arms. “How many times did I tell you… call me Nagisa-chan.”

“Yes… Nagisa-chan…” you said.

He smiled and squished your cheeks together as he said, “Welcome to my home, (y/n)-chan!”

You took your hand out of your pocket and smiled back and put your hands over his. “I’m glad I could make it!”


The technology in Japan amazed you. Even as you two walked past the turnstiles on the train you couldn’t help but look in awe at the mere sophistication of the place. Nagisa smiled at your surprise and showed you the train route. His finger went over the path indicated by a yellow line- a 3 hour train ride to Iwata Prefecture.

As you two rode the train over to his house (with you sitting down as he insisted on holding your luggage) he chatted excitedly, telling you about what your schedule was like and how happy he was that you could finally come. You smiled blissfully, still taking in the fact that you’d be staying in Japan for a month. It was part of an exchange student program where you’d get to spend a month in his home and then he’d get to come over to your country to see how it is there.

As you listened to him chatter you recalled how you met him- in fact, you pulled the letter out of your jacket pocket. “Look Nagisa-chan!” you showed it to him. “I still have it!”

You both smiled at each other as you both remembered your reactions when you first got each other’s letters. The program paired boys with boys and girls with girls, so you were quite surprised when Nagisa turned out to be… well, a boy. Not that it was bad or anything, in fact you were envied by your friends for being the only person with a partner like that.

You took out the picture he enclosed within the letter. “You looked so much younger back then! I can’t believe we are seniors already!” you teased him. He stuck his tongue out at you and was about to say something, but…

You two were temporarily interrupted by the inevitable shuffling of seats as the other passengers got off the train. “Ah Nagisa, there’s a seat for you!” you patted the seat that an older woman had just vacated. He plopped down and then reached into his penguin backpack.

“Are you hungry?” he said as he took out a bento box. “My sisters made this for us!”

“Ah! So cute!!” you exclaimed when you saw the box. It had onigiri made into little penguins. You took one that he offered to you (after taking a picture of it, of course) and munched happily on one.

After you two finished, you started to feel a little drowsy.

Nagisa smiled kindly at you and offered his shoulder. “The time difference is hard, right? You can sleep now…” he stuck one of his headphones in your ear and put his arm around you. “Sleep.”

As your eyelids grew heavier and the sounds of the music soothed you, you felt in your pocket, once again, the letter. What would he say if he read it? Would it make the month weird for you two? Was it weird to feel that way about someone you never met in person before…? But as you listened to him hum along to the song you dispersed those thoughts from your mind. Maybe you’d wait until the end of the month… maybe…

15 minutes after you dozed off you peeked at Nagisa sleepily. You saw that he was smiling shyly at an envelope! You almost woke up- what if he had somehow gotten yours! But you were relieved to know that the envelope was a different color. why was he smiling at it? you sleepily thought… but you soon drifted off to sleep again.


“(y/n)-chan! We’re here!” you heard an excited voice say. You opened your eyes only to realize that his face was above you.

“Ah!” you yelled and then sat up quickly. Your face burned in embarrassment. “Nagisa-chan! Why did you let me do that!” you scolded him. You had somehow ended on his lap!

He laughed mischievously and showed you his phone. “Blackmail~” he teased. You were about to snatch it out of his hands when the PA system went on.

At Iwata Station. Dear Customers, please get ready to get off…

You got up carefully as the train pulled into the station. To your surprise, right outside the door was a group of familiar looking people waving and yelling at you. They were holding a sign, which in Japanese said:

Happy Birthday, (y/n)! Welcome to Japan!

“Nagisa-chan! Is that everyone from…” you looked at him, unable to contain your happiness.

“They wanted to surprise you..” he smiled and nodded as he led you off the train.

Everything after that was a blur. Happy faces, names, and hugs were shared. In that instant, it seemed that the million miles between you and them were gone! They all chattered happily (well, except for Haru, he just smiled quietly) and updated you with the swim team and all the exciting things they had planned for you. They asked you how your birthday was, how the trip was, and what presents you brought for them from your home. In the midst of all this, one thing was clear. Was that Nagisa holding your hand in his pocket? Did he seem jealous of Rin who seemed to be pretty close to you?

It seemed that in no time it was the end of the day and you were sitting on the side of the pool along with Gou, basking in the last rays of the setting sun. the Iwatobi Swim team had thrown you a birthday party by the pool and dinner and the remnants of your birthday cake were still on a table.

You chatted quietly with Gou as you watched the boys swim happily in the pool.
Nagisa suddenly swam up to you and Gou oh-so-not-suspiciously found something else to do while smiling at you.

“How do you like it here?” he asked with a smile as he brushed his blond hair away so he could see you.

“I love it…” you smiled.

He smiled back and you noticed that he was holding something in his hands. He gave it to you.

“A.. a letter?” your heart did a flip. It was in a zip-loc bag so it was still dry. As you opened the bag he suddenly lifted himself out of the pool and..

Chu~ </b>

..Kissed you on the lips.  “Happy Birthday, (y/n).”  then he quickly swam away, leaving you blushing by the pool.

You opened the letter and read three words. Those words made you shout after him. “Nagisa-chan!” you shouted as you took out your letter.

He turned around and you saw he was just as red as you.

You smiled and said, “You need to read my letter too! Catch!” you jumped into the pool, clothes and all, much to the amusement of your friends.

The letter got a little wet, but…

It contained the answer Nagisa wanted to hear. <3
Love Letter(s) - Nagisa Hazuki x Reader (present!)
Ahhhhhh o v o 

Happy Belated Birthday my dear Aki-chan!! :iconakimi-chan15: :iconlovelyheartsplz:

I emerge after nearly 2 months of the evil reader's block to present to you this story!! I hope you like it!! & I'm sorry it's so lateeee ;A;


I also hope Nagisa isn't OC!! ;A;

** and, also I know that -chan is a the feminine ending that you'd use for female friends, but I figured Nagisa is so cute that he'd like it more than if reader-chan called him -kun. and plus, it's more endearing so yup yup. P-chan knows what she's doing. 


Story is :iconakimi-chan15:'s
Free! belongs to Hiroko Usumi and the Kyoto Animation Studio~~
You belong to youuuu

pic found here (if you are the artist and you wish for it to be taken down, please tell me and I will gladly do so! I will take it down after a while anyways, so no probs!)

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