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I am very grateful to all of my watchers, friends, and any readers who have commented, faved, and at least read my work! I really appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoy my stories~!


...pssst! the super adorbs author tag is by floralies :3

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Welcome to PikachuArt's page!

I'm just a college student who loves to write fanfics for fun! I hope you enjoy them! And please don't be afraid to talk to me, I love to make new friends!


Kaichou wa Maid-sama_Stars by Margo-K

Thank you for coming~~ come over here and let me love you to death~~ ^^
Kaichou wa Maid-sama_Yay by Margo-K

Love all of yous~~ :heart:



Let me introduce them to everyone~~ (cuz I love them and want everyone to know that~~!!! :heart:)

My ONE and ONLY WAIFU is :iconspookbaby:

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Lovely name, right?? this series on my crush shall be dubbed --> asdfghjkl Chiyo Smiling Icon 

Soooo.. nothing has happened since then. and by that I mean no, I don't have a boyfriend. If I did I'd be writing in all caps and you guys would KNOW. Like the day of.

but.... ahhh I had a sorta funny experience today that I just need to get off of my chest.

So yesterday was his birthday and we went out to have lunch in celebration. I didn't get to sit next to him since there was too many people, but I was relatively close... ah but I was with my friends so I was happy either way. Little things happened today that made my kokoro go doki doki. (XD yes, I have to be super cheesy, bear with me.) 

-like, when he heard that I was curious about the banana ice cream that came with his bday cake that the restaurant gave him, he ate some of it and gave the rest to me. then he asked if I liked it. Nozaki talking - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun 

-or the fact that I got two fortunes and they said

"You will soon gain something you have always wanted"


"You will soon bring joy to someone"

Chiyo Bursting Hearts Icon 

But the icing on the cake was afterwards when we were about to leave, he saw how much I had left over. And he was about to eat some and I was like "no way don't do that" 

then he looked at me.


like he was going to say something important.

"P-chan, (obvs he said my name but since this is the web) I want to make our relationship go to a deeper level..."


(ME: FREAKING OUT LIKE WHAT DOES HE MEAN?!?!?) Tamaki's Explanation 

"..when you have leftovers, please give them with me. I'll be your garbage can."

Me: oh. *recover* haha okay I'll give you all my leftovers. haha, you're my garbage can hahaaha.... Tamaki in emotional distress Chiyo Crying Icon 

...Ahhhh only me. stuff like this only happens to me. But I think it's funny. I'm calling this foodzoned.

but seriously when he said "bring our relationship to a deeper level..." I turned RED and I don't know what face I was making because I was kinda freaking out. like "is my fortune coming true already?!" Chiyo Embarrassed Icon Chiyo wow Icon 

But, afterthat I gave him his present which I think he liked (?) I made him a bracelet and he kept fiddling with it. and I told him he can never take it off. (because isn't it if you take off a friendship bracelet, you won't be friends anymore?) and then he started joking with me about it.

AHH when I got home I promptly went on a crazy walk in this lovely stormy texas weather to cool off.  Chiyo Silent Icon 

Thank you for listening to my ramblings and for your nice comments. :) I think I could use this for my stories! XD sounds about as crazy as one...

Love you all!!!

 Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6]  P-channie

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Three months had passed and that vision had yet to come to pass. With a heavy heart, you concluded that it was the distance that was preventing it. You were constantly in hiding, using your tactical smarts and changing your looks to throw searchers off from finding you. Your father was searching everywhere for you- you knew because of those terrible headaches you kept getting- but so far you were successful.

You drew your cloak closer around you as a wind blew through the streets in Southtown. It was a quaint little city that seemed barely bigger than a village. You entered at night in order to avoid detection, but unfortunately it seemed that you had unintentionally entered a bad part of town. It was just a gut feeling at first but a group of not very nice looking men came up to confirm it.

“Hello girlie, you came into the wrong part of town,” the leader of the group sneered.

“Well, thanks for letting me know, I’ll get out then,” you said as you turned around. You heard the metallic ring as they drew their swords out of their scabbards. You sighed. “Guess you’re not letting me off then…” you muttered as you took out a tome from your bag. You were about to start reciting the spell when suddenly-

A streak of blue came in from your side and you heard a loud clang as the two weapons made contact.

“Not on my watch!” he declared as he deftly parried the crook’s sword away from you. The gang leader’s smile quickly faded into a look of hard determination. His fellow goons came in to help with a roar.

“Ch-Chrom?” you gasped. You resisted an urge to run away and instead hastily drew a cloak around your face. Maybe he didn’t see you.- or hear you. You didn’t want to risk being found out, but to leave him in an unfair fight--! That was unthinkable.

You both fought off the group of unsavory bandits and after the last one started running away he turned towards you. You turned quickly away and thanked him just as quickly. Each step away from him was painful but they were ones you had to take. But to your utmost surprise- you felt his hand on your wrist.

“(y/n)?” he said.

“What? Who’s that?” you feigned ignorance but your defenses were quickly crumbling. Your whole body trembled as you realized just how much you missed them- and him. Everyone you met in Ylisse. And to come face to face with Chrom…

“(y/n) why did you run? We could have helped you!”  he looked at you sorrowfully.

“No, no you couldn’t have…” you looked at him, trembling as you tried to break away but couldn’t.

Your mind screamed at you to run but your legs wouldn’t move. Instead your hand instinctively seemed to move on its own as you reached up to touch Chrom’s face but you hesitated as you saw the accursed mark on your hand.

But to your utmost surprise, Chrom gently placed his hand on top of yours, completely covering the mark. “Please, (y/n), trust me… us! We can help you, please come back with us!”

Your head throbbed and pain shot throughout your body. You stumbled and Chrom caught you.

“(y/n)? What’s wrong?” he asked, concern throbbing in his voice.

You squinted through the pain and desperately put your hands on his shoulders. “C-chrom… run!” you almost screamed with pain. Your head continued throbbing as a red mist began to cloud your vision.

“Well done, my child! You made it easy for me!” you heard your father gloat. You thought that he was speaking in your head again but you noticed Chrom look about, bewildered. He had his arm protectively around your waist as he drew his sword. “The great lord Grima and Naga’s accursed descendant all in one place!” your father continued, cackling.

“Chrom, please… run away. Run for your life!” you begged him, tears falling down your cheeks. The pain you felt from Grima slowly leeching away your will was nothing compared to the fear and hurt you felt from seeing Chrom.

He smiled and just held you closer. “Damn fate,” he said as he turned to look at you. He grasped your trembling hands.

“But Chrom. I’m Grima. We’re enemies. I’m losing control over my body and I might-!” you choked on a sob. “I might kill you!”

“Exactly. Why do we have to follow fate? I don’t want a future where we can’t be together- let’s run away,“ he grinned and it seemed… possible.

“-Chrom, you’re being ridiculous.” But you couldn’t help but feeling hope at his words.

“My sister always said I was optimistic,” he smirked, looking around.  The sky was turning dark and there was an overwhelming sense of doom.

His optimism was infectious. You were calmed down and your head stopped throbbing. He began walking, looking around as he still held your hand. The city was strangely deserted. You were both able to walk out the city walls into the deserted valley that the city resided in.

“Chrom, I don’t like the feeling of this…” you said quietly. He nodded and put his hand on his scabbard.

“Found you.” Everything suddenly turned black and the last thing you saw was Chrom, looking very determined… and a little shocked.


When you woke up, it took a minute for your vision to clear. You looked up and saw that you were in Plegia’s throne room. Your eyes were suddenly drawn to a figure on the floor.

“Chrom!” you gasped. He was laying on the floor- motionless. You tried to move forward only to find that you had no control over your legs. You reached out with your arms and tried to drag yourself to Chrom. You bit your lip to try to suppress your sobs. Chrom… was he?

Suddenly you heard a horrid cackling noise. You looked up and screamed. It was you- but not you.

The figure in front of you looked exactly the same, but her eyes- they were a bright yellow and she wore a sadistic smile.

She walked over to you and cupped your chin. Her twisted nails slightly scratched your chin and you winced from the pain. “Oh poor (y/n), you lost your wittle princey poo and all of your fwiends and now you are sad…” she mocked you.

“No! That can’t be true. Chrom’s not d-“ you couldn’t say it, but smacked away her hand and with
all of your strength and ran to his side. He looked like he was sleeping and he had a peaceful smile on his face. You shook him desperately. “Chrom! Chrom! Wake up!” you yelled, panic ripped through your voice.

Your other “self” laughed. “He was the first sacrifice to Grima… to us,” she reached out her hand.  

“Now that you have nothing left on this place… join me… let’s destroy this sorry place…” she began to step closer to you.

You barely heard what she said, as you looked at Chrom’s face. Your tears began to drip on his face as you picked him up by his shoulders and gently laid his head on your lap. “Chrom… don’t leave me…” you grasped for his hand and you took it and gripped it. “This wasn’t... how it was supposed to end. I don’t want to follow fate…!”

“What?” your other self looked at you with disgust. “You’d want to give up godhood for a thing as stupid as love?”

“Love… friendships… the bonds I made with these people are more precious to me that gold,” you remembered what your mother had told you. That bonds are stronger than fate. You gently put down
Chrom and walked, determined to your Grima possessed self. You remembered with that truth that your mother had told you a spell she had whispered to you once. One that you were to use if all hope was lost. You looked back at Chrom one last time and then took your other self’s hand. She looked at you with a horrified expression when she realized what you were doing.

You smiled and whispered the fateful words. A bright light shown and once again you lost consciousness.


When you awoke once again you realized there was someone in front of you. She was beautiful and alien looking. Her long emerald green hair flowed down her shoulders and she wore a simple gold tiara on her head. She reached out her hand and you took it, feeling lighter than you had in days.

“You... are interesting, Child,” she said. Her voice was light and had a musical quality to it.

“Chrom! How is he? Where is he?!” you suddenly woke from your reverie as you looked around desperately.

“He is… well, that depends on you,” she looked at you with a faint smile.

“On me…?” you asked her curiously. “Wh-what happened? Is he okay?”

“Well currently he is dead. As are you.” She looked at you with an unreadable expression.

It felt like someone had stabbed you in the heart. “D-dead? Chrom is dead?”

She grabbed you to keep you from falling. “But child, you did something that can change this.”

Hope surged through you. “I did?”

She chuckled. “Well both of you did. You are such amusing children. You made Grima particularly mad. When you visited him you were supposed to kill all of exalted bloodline but instead…” she laughed. “You fell in love with one of them and became friends with the rest.”

You felt your face burn with embarrassment. She laid her hand on your shoulder.

“It is always fun to tease you…” she laughed. She then sighed as she took your hand. The mark was still there. You quickly snatched it away and covered it with your other hand.

“There is a way to turn back time….” She said as she looked at you.

“Really? How?!”

“But you will need to sacrifice a lot. You’ll live as a fugitive, you won’t have a home and…”

“I’ll do anything!”

She laughed once again as she began to chide you. “Really child, you didn’t even let me finish.”

She took your hands and looked at you with a serious expression. “You will lose your memory of everything, and Chrom will not remember you either, nor will he have any reason to know you.”

You looked at her. “I wouldn’t expect anything more. My friendship… my bond with Chrom was more
than I deserved. I still think our bonds are strong, but if I never do meet him…” you tried to blink away tears. “At least I won’t… remember this time…” you then looked up at her. “Can I ask a question before you turn back time?”

She hesitated and then nodded gravely.

“Did… did Chrom love me?” you blushed a deep red.

She smiled and then nodded. She then leaned over and kissed your forehead. “I wish you all the best… many blessings my child… I am sure this time you will, with your bonds that you’ll make… be able to banish the curse and and that mark from the world…”

Your eyes began to get heavy, and as your thoughts began to gently fade the last thing you remembered was Chrom, when he looked at you and damned fate. It was love that you saw in his eyes….. then everything began to turn black as you fell into a deep sleep.


?? days later

Black. Everything was black. You felt your senses begin to function as you heard a voice. A girl’s voice from above you.

“Chrom, we have to do something…” she insisted.

Your eyelids began to flutter and you began to awake.

“What do you propose we do?” a man’s voice replied.

“I… I dunno…” she said back.

Your eyes opened and you saw them. One was a girl with straw blonde curly pigtails and another was a man with blue hair. They both look at you once they realize that you woke up.
The man with the blue hair smiled. “I see you’re awake now,” he said with a friendly voice.

“Hey there!” the girl grinned.

“There are better places to sleep than on the ground you know… take my hand,” he reached down and you took his hand. In passing you noticed a strange tattoo-like mark on your hand but you were soon distracted as the man lifted you up.
You looked straight into this man’s eyes and felt immediately like you recognized him. But your thoughts were so foggy that… and you felt so sad that… a tear began to run down your cheek.

“Are you alright?” he asked you.

“Why are you crying?” the girl asked, concerned.

“I.., I dunno.. I don’t remember anything… but I feel like I recognize you and that makes me feel… sad… I’m sorry, where am I?”

“I know this! It’s called amnesia!!!” the girl commented, excitedly.

“It’s called a load of Pegasus dung…” a stern looking man spoke up.

And that was how you were introduced to the group called the Shepherds. You always felt particularly close to those people… sometimes you’d even comment to Chrom that you felt like you both knew each other in a past life and he’d agree. And there was something that the both of you remembered…. Something you recalled as you looked at the wedding ring on your finger that Chrom gave you after you were married. You were tied together with him with unbreakable bonds…. And nothing could separate you two… not even a demon dragon.
Grima's Curse AU!Chrom x Reader (2/2)
Finally! I finished this story. Hopefully you like it :) I was worried I'd never finish it, but I made it through!! :)

just another take on how Robin ended up on that field :]


First part:
Second: you are here

Story belongs to me
Chrom, Lissa, freddy-bear and all other fire emblem related things in this story belong to Nintendo
you belong to you :heart:
pic belongs to nintendo too



excitedhappyconfusedconflictedandalittleapprehensivebutstillmainlyhappyChiyo Embarrassed Icon Chiyo Fangirling Icon Chiyo Fangirling Icon Chiyo Blushing Icon 

I am like 99.999999999% sure that this guy that I like likes me back... buuut it's just that 0.1% that's holding me back.

He's always going out of his way to talk to me, or at least be around me, even when I'm being my usual lovely tsundere self and ignoring him because I'm so shy. I thought I was just imagining things but today just brought my percentage meter up to 99.999999% because he left his friend who he was talking to during lunch to snag a spot right next to me after it became available. And I'm always noticing that he's looking at me, sometimes with that Flynn Rider look... 

but then again I don't know!!Chiyo Crying Icon  Maybe it really is me just imagining things!??!?! 

why do you guys think?? it's seriously driving me crazy!!

P.S. hopefully I can post a story up tmw! I have an idea that's been rolling around in my mind. But I just had to get this off my chest!!! Chiyo Flustered Icon 

Thank you lovies!! Chiyo Flowers Icon I feel so much better!!

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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 3 years now...? wow! 3 years!

  2. What does your username mean? It's a combo of my two favorite things, pikachu and art. ^^ I just smushed them together and they kinda sound good...? hehehhh I also like the nickname Ri gave me... P-chan. So basically, even though I think it's kinda weird myself, it's grown on me. :D

  3. Describe yourself in three words.

    Random, Quiet, Happy-go-lucky

  4. Are you left or right handed?


  5. What was your first deviation?

    My very first one.... was... 

    Kisses like Raindrops~ Classmate!Japan x ReaderToday had been a pretty sucky day. You were late to school today, you forgot your homework when your math teacher finally decided to collect it, and you forgot your lunch that day. Overall, you pretty much wished that you crawled back into bed and stayed there instead of listening to your alarm clock… but then again, if you stayed home, you wouldn't have been able to see….. Him.
    You were thinking of this when you were walking over to your locker late after school, pondering about that last train of thought you had. "Wait… I've only really wanted to go to school because of him?" I could feel my cheeks burn when I realized that it was sadly true. *How low have I gone if the only thing that brings me to school is a guy?!?* You groan to yourself. You reached your locker, and banged your head against it and just leaned against it for a bit while trying to sort out your thoughts.
    This guy was not just any guy… he was Kiku Honda, the new transfer student who had just recen
     I think it's silly... but it was my first fanfic though.. and all of my work is silly...

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

    I like to draw anime chracters... but I'm more of a doodler so I never post on here. Art's a hobby for me...

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? 

    Studio Ghibli style...!!!

  8. What was your first favourite?

    I have too many... but I'm sure it was a reader-insert. I made this account in the first place so I could save my favorite reader inserts...

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Fanarts of my favorite shows...

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    whaaaaat...? What a cruel question!!

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    dA friends!! :iconakimi-chan15: :iconariesgoddessofwar: :iconxii-ri: :iconpichuart: :iconawkwardimbecile: :iconferiku:

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? They encourage me to write more! And they are friends to me too!

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? I really am starting to like Ink...

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    Places with lots of people or cool architecture.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

I have lots! and they all have to do with making friends on here! :heart:
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You nearly dropped your cup of tea at the sound of his familiar voice. “Yes… S-suzukaze?” you stuttered over his name, feeling your cheeks slowly burn. You couldn’t bear to look at him, not with your heart pounding like this- wait, YOUR HEART WAS POUNDING? “Sorry, sister,” you suddenly set down your cup on the table in front of you as you apologized to Sakura. “I just remembered I have something urgent to do.”

She smiled indulgently as she gracefully hid a smile. “Yes, Nee-san, we can have tea again some other time…”

You then gave her a quick hug and bravely turned around. “Su-suzukaze…” you stuttered yet again as you pointed behind him. “Look behind you…”

He looked surprised, but obeyed. As soon as he turned around, you bolted, ducking out of Sakura’s tent. You ran until you reached the supply tent.

“(Y/N)?” you heard him yell. “Where did you go? I need to talk to you!”

You ran inside and sat behind a crate of turnips, clutching your chest. Your heart was continuing to beat- it felt like it was on the verge of leaping out of your chest.  Honestly you were getting tired of this, but it was too embarrassing. He was your loyal retainer, your bodyguard. He had protected you from many enemies and he promised that he’d die before he’d let any harm befall you.

That was something you’d never allow to happen, even before you realized your feelings for him.

At first it was because you felt it was your duty as a princess to not allow any of your comrades- no, your friends- die… but for Suzukaze you realized it went a bit deeper than that. At first, you were even put off a bit by his intimidating demeanor. He rarely smiled, and he was always serious.

However, as you began to know him and fight beside him, you realized just how kind he was. Whenever your army would stop by a village to pick up supplies, children would naturally flock around him.

There was a time you thought you saw a small crack of a smile while giving a little girl a piggy back ride, and surrounded by chattering children.

But there was something that literally sealed the deal. The thought of it made you slap your cheeks from the horrible embarrassment of it all as it replayed for the hundredth time in your head. It was so cheesy, something that you’d read about it your sister Camilla’s books…. But one thing was true… you had to tell him what you were feeling. After all, he was a ninja, a master at hiding, so you couldn’t hide from him forever….

“But how can I tell Suzukaze that I’m in love with him?” you muttered angrily as you got up.

“Y-you love me?” You looked up to see an incredulous look on his face. In fact, that was the most emotion you’ve ever seen come from him.

“Su-su-suzukaze?!?!” instinct kicked in yet again even though you had just promised yourself not to run away. You began to turn away when he grabbed your elbow and pulled you back into his embrace.

If your face wasn’t red enough, it was surely red now.  He wasn’t letting you go, not that you minded. You felt safe and warm… the safest you’d felt in ages…

“I thought you were angry with me,” he finally spoke after a long pause.

You felt shock at his words. You didn’t think you’d hurt him like that… it was just…! You squirmed around in his embrace and turned to look directly at him…. for the first time in days. “No no! Of course I’m not upset, I can’t be! I lo-“ you turned tomato red once you realized what you were going to blurt out and hid your face in his chest.

He smiled at you and the sight of that rare smile was dazzling. “Oh? Is my master embarrassed?” He let go of you and cupped your chin so he could look at your face. “Your embarrassed look is… cute…”

You were about to snap at him when you realized he was embarrassed as well. He let go of your chin and looked at you. “(y/n), I love you as well. At first I thought it was only my duty to be around you so I could guard you… but then I realized I loved you as well,” he then suddenly smirked and ducked down so he could be eye to eye with you. “And I can’t wait to see all the cute faces you make…”

You then “pouted” and grasped his collar. “I guess it’s time for me to get you back for taking my first kiss then!” you then pulled him forward and kissed him deeply… all the while you were screaming internally from the morbid embarrassment you were feeling. To your surprise he lifted you up, while kissing you and spun around. You both eventually broke away to breathe and he smirked once more.

“You really are a tease you know… you bring out this in me…” he laughed. He then set you down and smiled. “You know how I ‘accidentally’ kissed you when we bumped into each other during sparring practice?”

“How could I forget?” you laughed, exasperated.

“That wasn’t an accident…” he laughed as he saw your face go from surprise to anger. He then gave you another peck on your lips and dodged you as you attempted to slap him.

“SU-ZU-KAZE!!!” you fumed. “Come back here! You’re lucky I love you!”

And you chased him down until you finally caught him. And only you two know what you did to get your “revenge” on him. <3
Flustered Feelings- Suzukaze x Reader
My first FE:fates fic! I'm sure it won't be the last...

I am so excited for this game... but HNGGG CHOICES!!! For FE:A I knew that I liked Chrom the best... but THIS GAME!! ;A; ''''OTZ

I like Suzu, Nishiki, and Tamaki........ and I don't know who I like the best?!?!

I hope Suzu wasn't/isn't too OOC. It's hard because I have to go off skinship vids and the confession vid... heh and there really aren't any profiles on him either....

I'm still working on my AU chrom fic. I'm pretty stuck... :/ but it'll be up eventually.


-:heart: P-chan


FE characters belong to Nintendo
You belong to Kaze
Story belongs to mwa
pic belongs to nintendo

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