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October 21, 2012
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You smiled to yourself as you finished getting ready for the big and fancy dinner your husband was going to take you out to today. You checked your reflection in the mirror, making sure that every part of your outfit and overall appearance was to your liking.

Then you went through your jewelry box to see exactly what piece of jewelry would complement the dress. You looked through various items and smiled as you dug through it. You didn't really like to keep too much jewelry, but the ones you did keep had deep value. There was the crystal pendant... the heart locket... and a tiny little pink heart necklace.

You took it out and giggled to yourself. At that point, Lovino stuck his head in the room with a confused look on his face.

"What's so funny?"

You turned around and showed him the necklace. Curious, he came closer and took it from you. Once he recognized what it was, he laughed and then put the necklace on as he kissed your cheek.

"Was that the present I gave you around the time when we became husband and wife?" he said as he gave you a mischievous smirk.

You pouted while blushing a bit and told him, "We were only little kids then! I didn't know any better...!"

He touched the little pendant that was resting on your neck and then took your hand as he laughed. "Bella, it's time to go to your birthday dinner..."

"Mm...kay, I'm almost ready..."

"What else more do you have to do? You look beautiful... mio bella..."
You turned around and kissed him, giggling a bit when he blushed a bit afterwards. You loved looking at him when he blushed. It reminded you of when...


"Lovi, Feli~!" you said happily as you glomped them both. Surprised, Lovino wriggled out of your hug and you were left hugging Feliciano.

"Hey, idiota! How many times have I told you not to call me Lovi?" he yelled at me, his face strangely red.

"...dunno, maybe about a hundred times already?" I smiled as I hugged Feli and he happily hugged me back. "But, Lovi's a cute name~ Why can't I call you that?"

"..." he was looking intently at you and his brother when suddenly he snapped. He removed your arms from around his brother and took your hand. "Don't you hug my bastardo fratello...!" he said as he dragged you away from Feliciano. "Now let's hurry up and get home..."

You stared hopelessly at Feliciano, who just smiled obligingly and tagged along. You stopped walking and took your hand out of his grip. "Lovi, how many times have I told you not to call your fratello that ugly b-word?!" you told him indignantly, with your arms on your hips.

Feliciano looked shocked. "Ve... no, ____, it's fine..." he waved his hands, worried that Lovio would explode.

But to the surprise of both of you, Lovino just grumpily took your hand again and nodded. "Okay, I'll try not to call him that again..." he said gruffly. "Even though sometimes he really acts like one..." he whispered under his breath.

But you didn't hear. You happily walked along with him and grabbed Feliciano's hand as well. And the three of you walked happily along with back to your cul-de-sac. The three of you were neighbors, and were best friends. You loved it because you always had adventures together. You all also went to the same school and had a lot of really good times.

Today, since your parents were working late, you were going to have a play date at the Vargas's house. You were their neighbor anyways, and Uncle Antonio really liked you so, yeah! Today is going to be a lot of fun!

"Hola, tio!" you yelled happily as you walked into the house with Lovi and Feli.

"Hola, mi chica~!" he said happily. He was wearing a frilly pink apron and holding some cookies. He then looked and saw that you were holding hands. "Ooohh, Lovi, you have a pretty little girlfriend there!" he teased him.

Lovi immediately let go and turned red again. You ran with Feli to give Uncle a big hug. He gave you a peck on the cheek and all of you walked to the kitchen, where you feasted on various pastries and cookies he baked.

After snack time, you told the boys your plan for the afternoon. "Today, let's play house!"

"Ve~ let's!" Feliciano said happily. You smiled and clapped excitedly until you noticed that Lovi wasn't saying anything.


"...I don't want to play that stupido game." He said with a grumpy look.
Uncle chimed in. "But, Lovino, you can be married to _______, and Feliciano would make a really cute son~" he suggested with a sly smile. You smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

That sounded really lovely!

"...." Lovi's face was really red now.

You went up to him and hugged him. "Lovi... pleeaaassse?" you said in an ultra-cute voice that you knew always got him to say yes.

"...yeah, whatever...." He grumbled and he slowly pulled out of your embrace. "Just, stop making that stupid face, idiota."

"Yay~!" you did a victory dance with Feliciano while Antonio said, "Oh, you two are married now? I have to call and tell Francis about this!"


Lovino was just about to head butt Uncle, but you grabbed him and said, "Let's go outside... honey!" You gave him a really big smile. He blushed even more. You had no idea why he blushed so much. You just remembered that your mom called your dad that sometimes and they both smiled. You were just really happy that Lovino was your "honey" now.


"Happy birthday, ____!" you smiled and clapped happily as Feliciano gave you some yummy pastries he made for you.

"Thank you, Feli!" you said as you hugged him. You were really happy because during lunch time, all of your friends came by to give you a little present for your birthday. Kiku gave you some cute pencils and a pencil case, Yao, a cute little panda, Alfie, a hamburger for lunch, and Arthur... a...

"Thanks.. Arthur...!" you smiled uneasily as you took the blackened scone (?) from him and gave him a hug. He smiled satisfactorily and sat back down.

"Where's Lovi...?" you wondered out loud as you looked around the playground.

"Ve~ he's probably playing soccer right now..." Feliciano informed you.

"Oh... okay..." you turned to look at the rest of your friends. "Would you excuse me for a moment?" they all nodded and went back to eating.

You ran as fast as your legs could take you to go to the soccer field. "GO LOVI
HONEEYY!!" you yelled at him as he was about to make a goal.

He gave you the slighted annoyed look but then, with a red face, began to further progress towards the goal... and made a fantastic goal!

"Wow, Lovino, you suddenly got really good," Gilbert said, making sure he was loud enough so that you could hear him. "...I know..." his ruby eyes glinted mischievously. "It must be the power of... love~"

"CHIGI?!" Lovino turned really red. "I-It's not that, you stupido!"

"Look, you even stopped swearing... it must be because of your wife~"

"Sh-She's not my wife!"

"Oh, then you won't mind if I have her instead? She's not a bad looking frau~" he started to walk over to you.

"Eh? Gilbert?"

Gilbert reached for your hand but Lovino was faster. He grabbed your arm and ran away with you, dragging you along.

"Kesesesese..." you could hear Gilbert's laughter trailing after you, but Lovino kept running faster.

"Lovi, where are we going?" he didn't answer but stopped when you got to an empty part of the field. You both collapsed and sat down for a while. You looked curiously at Lovi. He was just looking down at the ground, all grumpy like.

You began to pick at the grass. 'Why was Lovi being all weird?' you thought to yourself.

"______," you looked up and immediately you bumped your head with a small box he was holding out in front of you.

"Lovi?" you curiously took the box. It was tiny, smaller than the palm of your hand. It was white and had a small red ribbon.

"...Happy Birthday," he said as he looked away.

You sighed. He was being grumpy again. But then you happily turned your attention to the cute little box. You untied the ribbon and opened it. You gasped. "I love it, Lovi!" you said as you surprise glomped him.

It was the cutest little pink necklace you had ever seen.

"Mmpff~~!! Gerroffme you idiota!" he said grumpily, but this time he couldn't hold back his smile.

You obliged, sitting next to him. You then struggled with getting the necklace on. "Lovi.. it's hard to put on.." you told him.

He gave you one of his rare smiles. "You idiota... here..." he took the necklace from you as held up your hair to make it a bit easier for him.

"....there!" the clip made a small snapping sound. You were really happy... but for some reason you felt your face get hot... and you felt little butterflies in your stomach. And it was all happening after Lovi gave you that smile. You felt really confused until...

"LOVINO AND ___________,

Gilbert, who had suddenly popped up and began to sing, was soon cut off by a furious Lovino. He ran away, laughing that strange laugh of his.

"Lovi...! Wait!" you took his arm. You didn't want Lovi to get into a fight...

He then just turned around, smiled the biggest smile, and then kissed you on the cheek. "Ti amo..."

"...EH?" you were caught completely off guard and just stared after your "honey" that was now going to seriously hurt Gilbert. You were now dazed and sat down in the field, with very little in  the way of comprehensible thought. "EH??!"

Now you were confused beyond anything... and you'd never find the answer to that thought... until about ten years or so later...

Because Lovino, being the boy he was (and still is)-- denied everything.


"See, you're still denying it!!"

"Why would I do that? I was too young to do anything like that, you idiota!"

" must have been your Italian blood..."

"Mmmm...! this food is really tasty!"

"Now you're changing the subject!"


"See, you totally remember!! Look, you're blushing, and I know your lying face, Lovino Vargas!"



"Well, I wanted to make sure you'd stay mine"

"Hm? What was that? I couldn't hear you."

"Happy Birthday Mrs. Lovino Vargas..."

".... I still think you remember... but, I'll let it slide..."


"You're still blushing."

"Ti amo... _________, and happy birthday."
This is a birthday present for my lil sis~~~ :iconthe-badass99: Yay~~ I hopy you like it lil sis~~ I hope you come back soon so you can read it!!!

This is supposed to be you, as a married couple, looking back to an elementary school experience, when you were playing house with Lovi. He was just starting to get a crush on you and you were totally... oblivious... until the very end, of course!!

I hope you like it, sis!!! *hides behind the couch and waits anxiously for your thoughts*

and of course I picked Lovi, cuz you like him as well,right? ^^

yup yup, well anyways,

story was written by me 'specially for my precious lil sis~to celebrate her bday~

you belong to :iconsexyromanoplz:

and hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

Thank you for reading~ Did I do a good job with my sis's present? Please comment~ I love to hear what you have to say~! :iconkyutwinkplz:
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