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October 12, 2012
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"Why the hell am I in charge of this?" you asked yourself again for the hundredth time.

You were currently standing at a booth next to Gilbert, the dancing idiot. And in front of you was a long line of people…people who wanted a kiss from you.
No, it was not a real kiss. Thank goodness for that, but it was still disturbing and on the verge of being demeaning as to the way the idiots of the opposite sex (which sometimes surprised you, since sometimes they acted like aliens- or something else) treated you.

Gilbert, luckily, and somewhat to your extreme envy, had the members of the gentler sex- well, yours- in his line. (which was not that surprising) They would all coquettishly giggle and sometimes even faint (which made you shake your head in disapproval- we weren't that weak) while all you had was-

"honhon hon…" you turned, almost paralyzed with disgust, to face Francis who was currently puckering his lips and making kissing noises.

"Dime," you said, with a stony smile, trying your hardest not to punch the idiot in the face. You held out your hand.

You meant for that hand to have a dime dropped into it, but apparently the frog misunderstood and took it that you wanted him to kiss it. He put a big wet kiss on your

Oh hell, no. He did not just do that! "Stupid FROG!" you said, copying your friend Arthur's "endearment" for Francis. You began to go around the table and give that Frenchman the lesson of his life when-

"______!" you felt your hand being grabbed, and you were pulled back. You turned around and saw that it was—


"F-Feli!" you protested, but he pulled you away from the booth, leaving Gilbert to fend for himself. He ran with you through the halls, and you both ran until you both ran out of breath.

"Wha- what was that for, Feli?" you gasped as you two began to collapse to the floor, breathing hard. "I- I was going to take care of that stupid frog…"

"Ve--" he looked at you, with pink cheeks. You looked at him, feeling a bit miffed. Sure,

Feliciano was adorable, and a complete contradiction to your beliefs about men… and you could possibly just have a teensy crush on him… but you were about to teach Francis a lesson.

Then to your surprise, he grabbed you and held you close to him.

"F-F-F-Feli?!?" you said, your face now burning.

"… I didn't want you to get hurt…" he said, strangely serious.

You laughed, a bit embarrassed. "Me, get hurt?" you said as you awkwardly patted his hand.

"-No, that's not it," he said, in a somewhat sad voice. "When I saw Francis… I wanted to beat him up, but I- I was too weak, so I just ran away… _____, I'm not a strong enough man for you…"

"Eh?" you felt a tear land on your hand. "FELI? W-why are you crying?"

You got out of his arms and turned around to look at him. He was crying openly, and tears were running down his handsome face.

It broke your heart to see your close friend, and someone who was an absolute angel to you- cry. He was always there for you, a ray of sunshine that cut through your loneliness. Although you were considered by many to be a "beauty" (whatever that meant) no one ever tried to understand you. Instead they approached you with insincere emotions, trying to make you fit into their molded preconception of you. But then you met the "Ve-person"-- someone who tried to actually know you.

Because of him, you actually felt your world begin to expand a bit. He introduced you to people you began to become friends with. He began to open your heart little by little- even to the point that you felt... for him.

"Feli, I think you are a strong person, even more so than any other guy I know- even Alfred!" you told him. You felt touched by his concern and gave him a small smile as you used your shirt sleeve to wipe away his tears.

"Ve~? But Alfred can lift up cars!"

"I mean, a more important strength, right here," you said as you rested your hand on his chest. You could feel his heart beating really hard, and it made you blush a bit.

"Right here?" he said, as he put a hand over yours. He was blushing a bit as well.

Then you two settled into an awkward silence, but he still kept his hand on top of yours.
You could practically feel your hearts beating in unison, but no one was saying anything. You two just stared at each other [1] until…

…the bell broke the spell. [2]

"Oh, uh well, I should go back to the booth- I uhm kind of left Gilbert there to himself, so I should probably make it up to him by cleaning up…" you told him as you awkwardly broke away and tried to get up.

Feliciano got up and helped you up. You smiled at him and walked back to the booth. To your surprise, you noticed that Feli was following you. You gave him a questioning look.

"Oh, I have a free period, so I'll help you out," he explained. You smiled and then bravely took his hand.

"Thank you…" you said as you smiled happily up at him. He blushed as he looked back at you. He was such a sweetheart, unlike 99.99999 % of the guys you knew. He was always able to draw out that softer side of you, no matter how you were feeling.

When you reached the booth, Gilbert was nowhere to be seen.  He left a note explaining that he had to go take care of something. You just shrugged and began to clean around the table. Feliciano helped, and you both were almost done.

You noticed that there was a whole bunch of kisses left over. "Hey, Feli, do you have a dime?"

"Ve~? I think so, why?"

"Do you want a kiss?" you told him with a mischievous grin on your face.

"…Sure!" he answered in his usual happy go lucky way.

Your heart sunk a bit at that. You thought that the last few minutes- him holding your hand, rescuing you from the frog, and him crying over you- was an indication of him liking you. But, maybe he just liked you as a friend, you told yourself, trying to hold in the tears. You accepted the dime he handed you and was about to hand him the candy when-

He kissed you.

You almost fell backwards from surprise, but he put his arms around you and sweetly kissed you, and you could feel the smile on his lips.

"F-Feli!" you said, your face a deep red.

"Ve~! _________, I loved that kiss, almost as much as I love you!"


"Ti amo!"

"I love you too, Feli, but did you know I meant the candy?"

"Dios mio!"

You smiled somewhat shyly up at him, staring at his handsome, blushing face. He was about to say something- probably an apology- when you grabbed his tie and pulled his face gently down and kissed it.

"Ti amo, Feli…"

"… I love you too, ____. Ve~! I'm sooo happy!" he grabbed you and squeezed you so hard that you couldn't breathe. But you didn't mind. You finally knew that the one you loved- loved you back!

And he never had to pay for any more of your kisses- and he took advantage of that! After all, they were sweeter than any old candy! They belonged to his precious angel. <3
[1] nooo, waifu, you did not stare at him for more than nine seconds... so there! ^^ (a waifu joke)

[2] woah, I rhymed! I'm a poet, and I didn't know it!

yup, so I finally finally finally finished another kissing booth story.. first time writin about Feli. He's really cute. Very affectionate~~~ :heart:

just look at this face!! soo adorable! ---> :iconvenezianoplz:

sooo, yup. :D hope you enjoyed~! I'm still working on the rest of the stories and on more random oneshots.

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sooo, please comment~! as always, I love reading 'em!

story belongs to me!

you belong to :iconsexyitaly2plz:

hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

the preview pic does not belong to me~!!!!!
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