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“Feli! What new drawing do you have today?” you said happily as you ran over to him. It was a beautiful and sunny day, perfect for eating outside. You woke up this morning to a good morning text from your best friend, and he asked you to eat lunch with him today.
…and now you were here.

“Ve~ Hi, bella!” he smiled up at you. You had to quickly turn to try to hide your blush. He was so cute! But… you’d never let him know that…

…because you and him could never be more than friends- it would just make things awkward.  You were sure he didn’t like you back, after all! You plopped down next to him and began to take out stuff from the lunch you bought. He was silent, busy sketching… something. You just couldn’t see it from the angle he was holding it. You were honestly very curious to see what it was he was drawing, but you decided that you could wait until after he was done.

“So-“ he broke through the silence and looked up briefly at you before he looked back at his drawing. “Why did you come to eat lunch with me?”

You were a bit puzzled by his question. “Uh, maybe since it’s a nice day and all, and you picked a great spot?” Why else would you eat with him? you thought, surprised.

“Oh…” you looked over curiously at him. He was looking up from his sketchpad with an unreadable expression on his face.

“What?” you said after enduring a few minutes of his staring. “Spit it out, now Feli…!”

“What do you think of me, ______?”

You almost choked on your lunch. You looked up at him, feeling your cheeks burn a bit. His expression was very serious. It was uncomfortable, considering how he was usually cheery and happy go lucky. You rarely ever saw this side of him. Your mind raced as you tried to read what he really meant. You finally decided that he was just asking in a totally platonic way.

“Ah, Feli, what a totally strange question to ask.. you know that I love you—er--- as a friend! Yeah!” you stuttered, making sure to add that crucial emphasis on friend. You didn’t want to take any chances with him.

“Oh.” Then he resumed his drawing and changed back into his usual, cheery self. “Ve~! Your lunch smells delicious! Let me have some!”  

“Oh-kayy…” you said, trying to disguise your confusion as best you could as you handed him some of your lunch.

“MMM! Delizioso!”He said as he set aside his sketchbook. He then began his usual happily chatter and you listened, with a smile on your face… feeling slightly relieved and -to your dismay-slightly disappointed.


“Bella, I’m going to go buy a drink! Do you want some ~ve?” Feli said as he began to get up.

“Sure, why not!”

“Okay… your favorite’s (your favorite flavor), right?” he smiled.

“Yup!” you said, smiling back. You watched him walk away and when you saw that he was far away enough, you grabbed his sketchbook and eagerly flipped open to the page he was working on.

It was you.

It may have not have been a perfect copy of you, but there was no doubt it was you. You couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. He drew you and made you look so… beautiful. Your eyes sparkled, your hair was flowing perfectly in the wind, and he captured your smile in such a way that it made you look so happy.

You stared at it for a long time, not noticing that Feli was walking back. He made a startled exclamation and yelled, “Wait, bella!” His face was bright red when he snatched it away from you.

“Feli… you were drawing me?” you asked him incredulously.

“S-si, bella,” he said, embarrassed.

“Ah! It was beautiful… you did a great job! Although I think you flatter me way to much, Feli, I’m not that pretty,” you said, embarrassed.

“Ve~ but bella… y-you are beautiful…” he was blushing even more now.

“Feli…? Why are you so red?” you asked, blushing as well.

“I-it’s…” he stuttered. “Wait.” He flipped open his sketch book and started drawing furiously. “Look, bella.”

Curiously, you crawled over to where he was and looked over his shoulder. You saw that it was a really cute picture of- “I see you, Feli… that’s definitely your curl… and you’re holding out a flower to a girl… wait… is that me?” you said, shocked. You still stared at the picture, watching him write out something” T-I- A-M-

“Ti Amo.” The little Feli in the picture was saying to the girl. You felt your face heat up and your heart nearly leapt out of your chest.

“Feli… you love me?” you looked at him, redfaced.

“S-si, bella, Ti Amo!” he said, blushing as well.

You sat down, not saying anything as what just happened finally settled in your brain.
Feliciano, your best friend… and your crush, just said he loved you! The guy you loved more than anything but feared was “just your friend” loved you!

“Ve… bella?” he said, cutting through your reverie.

“Feli, give me your pencil,” you said, holding out your hand and avoiding his gaze out of pure embarrassment. He gave you his pencil. You went back up on your knees and began to write above the little you he drew.  “There. How’s that answer?” you said, embarrassed.
His answer was to immediately glomped you and gave you the sweetest kiss you could ever imagine.  After you two were finished with your kiss, he hugged you, holding you tightly to his chest. You could hear his heart beating as fast as yours.

“Ve~ I was so afraid, bella. I loved you so much, but I didn’t know if you felt the same way…”

“Me too, Feli.. Me too… but I’m happy you were so brave,” you smiled and hugged him tighter.

He laughed and buried his face into your hair. “I think that’s the bravest thing I’ll ever do.. and I am happy I did, bella.”


As you two began to clean up, smiling and blushing all the while at each other, his sketchbook was left open to the page he just drew on. It was the both of you, but now you were holding hands and there was a big heart over the two of you.

He continued to draw pictures of you, ones that sooner or later, you’d hang up inside of your house and smile at as you talked to him, the love of your life. <3
This is for my kawaii friend~:iconpluto247:~ Plu-chan! She requested that the scenario be that "Maybe Veneziano frets how will he exppresses his love for the reader not through words, but through his arts~ Make the reader oblivious to his approach XD"

...I hope I made her oblivious enough~ ! ^^ heheh and I hope you like it! Sorry it's sorta late... ^^'' OTL

yuuup! So... yesh! This week is my finals week, so don't expect another story til maybe next weekend... maybe... ^^'''

Hehe~ Thanks for reading!!


Felciano & Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to your new boyfriend~

and this story belongs to me~! Ve~!

Picture doesn't belong to me~ all I know is that I found it here! [link]
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