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"What in the bloody hell are you guys doing?" Arthur asked both you and a laughing Alfred with a suspicious glare.

"Well, we just thought it would be cool if you ran a kissing booth," you looked at Arthur with puppy dog eyes.

"What?! A Kissing booth?! Have you guys gone completely bonkers?" he replied, a big blush spreading across his face.

At that, you and Alfie looked at each other and then burst out laughing.

"What? You gits, why are you bloody laughing for, I'm not going to kiss anyone--" he started off, indignantly.

"Haahhh- ha—you are an idiot, Arthur!" Alfie laughed, almost out of breath.

"You aren't going to actually kiss anyone," You laughed, wiping tears out from the corner of your eyes. Oh! This was just priceless, that look on his face!

"oh—ohhh.." was all he said as he gave you two a sour look as both of you were trying to stop laughing.

He then crossed his arms and then started tapping his foot impatiently. "Well, then what do you want me to do, then, you two pain-in-the-arses?"

You then handed him some bags of kisses and led him over to a table you and Alfie had set up in the main hall of your school. "You just sell these for ten cents each… this is going to charity, so it is for a good cause," you explained to him. Around the table was taped some signs that read "Kisses for charity, ten cents each!" you were particularly proud of them, since you and Kiku had worked on them the night before.

"Okay, then…" he paused and then looked at you again. "Sure, this is indeed for a good cause, but why am I doing this? Why not you or Alfred?"

At that you grinned and then looked at him coyly as you punched him lightly on his shoulder. "That is because," you smiled and winked, "I took a survey with the girls in my grade and they all said that they wanted to be kissed by that 'sexy britt' more than any other guy in the school."

He blushed a deep shade of red at that, and pulled nervously at his collar. "I- I had no idea I was thought of in such a fashion," he gulped.

You laughed and then waved goodbye. "I'm going to go out and advertise, raise a lot of money, okay?" You left the poor British gentleman to himself in the crowd of screaming fan girls. You sighed to yourself and pulled out your cute (fave animal) wallet to take out a shiny dime. "If only they were real kisses…" you sighed to yourself.

You had a huge crush on that 'sexy britt' but unfortunately he was so oblivious that he never caught on.

"What did you say?" you were startled out of your pity party when Alfred suddenly glomped you from behind.

"N-nothing!!!" you stuttered as you felt your cheeks burn and you stuffed the dime and the wallet into your pocket. Alfred was your best friend, but you did not even tell him that you had a crush on his older brother. You then turned to him and smiled, "Let's go get more people to come to the Kissing Booth!" you told Alfie in a somewhat muffled tone because his arms were covering your mouth a bit with his arms.

"Alright! Let's be (your fave charity)'s hero!" he yelled enthusiastically.
You nodded and began to spread the news to the crowd, pushing all sad thoughts to the back of your mind. It was business time now, no time to be wasting moping around. Time to be the hero!!!

*********************Arthur's POV**********************

"No, you stupid frog! For the hundredth time, I am not giving out any real kisses! Now, you're scaring away my customers, so scram, you stupid git!" I yelled at Francis.

"Oh hon hon hon~ you are just embarrassed, my friend~" he said in that annoying accent of his, but he went back to the end of the line… again.

At that I sighed in (temporary) relief and then turned to the girl who was in front of me. She put in some change and I flashed a smile at her. "Why, thank you love," I told her kindly. "Here's your kiss." I handed her the candy and she blushed, and then ran away squealing.

….I really could never understand girls.

They were so much harder to understand than even the hardest spells. Even spells couldn't make them easier to understand! And I should know too, because I tried it on ________ and I still didn't find out her feelings towards me.

___________. I could feel my cheeks burn. She was the most beautiful, smart, wonderful, and best person to be around in the entire world. Did I mention she was beautiful? Oh yes
I did, see… even thinking about her scrambled up my thoughts! I rubbed my forehead as I tried to collect my thoughts.

"Mi amigo, ¿dónde está mi beso?" I suddenly snapped out of my daydream, and saw Antonio giving me an impatient look. "Mi novia has been waiting for one…"

"Er—yeah, your beso.. here," I answered awkwardly as I grabbed a few and gave it to him.

"Gracias, Senor…" he smiled and then leaned in and smiled. "Are you thinking about ________ right now?

I blushed and then shook my head. "Why, of course not… get out, I have to serve another customer and you're stopping up business," I snapped at him, completely embarrassed. That stupid Spaniard!

He just laughed gleefully and winked at me before he ran off to his girlfriend. "That git…" I muttered to myself as I turned and saw that Francis was in front of me, yet again, with his lips puckered up.

"You dammed frog….!"

**************************************Your POV******************

You walked back to the main hall while whistling. Apparently, sales had gone very well, and that made you very happy. You really owed Arthur one!! Alfie and the others went to class, but you had gotten passes for you and Arthur to be late to class.

"Hey, Arthur, great job!" you smiled at him as you approached the table.

"Yes, we sold out and made good money today," he smiled, even though he looked a bit tired.

"Thanks, really… I know this was out of your comfort zone and all… but I really appreciate it," you said as you looked at him fondly. But you could see he was smiling an even bigger smile and he had a big blush on his face.

You looked at him, a bit curiously. "….Arthur?"

I'm just a simple man, simple plans,
Good work, take care of my fam,
I'm sure you understand
Because you're heaven sent, independent,
Do you think you need me?
I think I need you girl, baby can't you see?

"…. ___________" he said as he beckoned you to come closer.

You walked over cautiously. Were you seeing things, or was that love showing through green eyes. Your heart was beating rapidly as you walked slowly closer to your crush.

Cards on the table
Willing and able
Stable, capable
Of holding you down
I'm just sayin...
I'm not complaining your love is worth waiting for

"There's still one more kiss…" he whispered in that sexy accent of his that sent chills down your spine.

"What? Really?" you laughed nervously. "well, then, I can I have it?" you took out that dime and dropped it into the collection box that was nearly overflowing.

He smiled and then nervously stood up. "Okay, well, close your eyes, _________"

You gave him a curious look, but then you closed your eyes and held out your hands. *Why didn't he ask me to hold out my hands?" you asked yourself. Then you stiffened as you sensed that his face was really close to yours.

"____________, I think you're bloody wonderful and beautiful and I love you… but before I can give you your kiss… will you go out with me?" he said really quickly, but you caught every word. You could feel the tips of your ears burning as he gently moved your hands away.

But I know very well
Gentlemen don't kiss and tell
And I promise I won't tell the world
If you say you want to be my girl
In your words...

"Yes, Arthur… I love you too… and I'd love to be your girl..." you whispered back softly. But he heard you.

He definitely heard you… because you found out that the last kiss wasn't chocolate… even though it tasted sweet.

You run your fingers across my lips
No I've never felt like this before, no, no
I know I'm young but I know love
And I'd know I know an angel if I saw one

You smiled and kissed him sweetly back. This was definitely a kiss worth waiting for.

When you two finally broke apart, you smiled shyly and then asked, "Arthur, why didn't you just kiss me?"

"Because a gentleman would make sure to only kiss his girl," he smiled shyly back and took your hand. "Well, then love," he said with his sexy accent, putting a special emphasis on love, because you were indeed his love now. "Let's get work.."

You smirked and looked right back at him. "Only if you give me some more of your "kisses" after work," you replied slyly.

He blushed and winked. "Of course, my love… there's plenty more where that came from," he gave your hand a gentle squeeze and you two cleaned up without letting go.

Which was… a bit difficult… but it was definitely worth it... as you soon found out later.

But I know very well
Gentlemen don't kiss and tell
And I promise I wont tell the world
If you say you want to be my girl
In your words...
I'm not complaining
Your love is worth waiting for


"Duuudes!" you heard Alfie yell as he threw his arms over both of your shoulders.

Arthur sighed and rolled his eyes while you smiled. "What's up, Alfie?" Alfred was certainly surprised to find out that you were dating his brother, but he soon accepted it and kept saying that he was happy you were finally his real sister. That always made you blush and attempt to hit him, but soon you grew used to it, and you admitted to yourself that you kinda liked the sound of that.

"Let's have another one of those kissing booths, maybe then I can get myself a girlfriend too!" he smirked at the two of you.

"Hon hon hon~! That sounds like a good idea… I could always get myself a mademoiselle~!" Francis popped out of nowhere.

"…. No personal space… sounds rike a bad idea" you heard Kiku mumble to himself.

"Kesesesesesese… everyone'd want to kiss the AWESOME me!" Gilbert also said.

You and Arthur looked at each other and smiled. Arthur than slipped out of the group quietly, bringing you along with him.

"What are you doing?" you asked him, with a big pout. You wanted to listen to the ridiculous claims your friend were making. And you thought that those would be good ways to raise money... although you didn't know if they'd actually get girlfriends…

You then noticed that Arthur was pulling something out of his satchel.

"What are you getting?" you asked him, nearly dying with curiosity.

"Look, I have some more kisses for you, love," he smiled and held out some of the candies.

"Oh Artie~" you took the candies out of his hand and kissed him passionately on the lips.

His kisses were sweeter than any candy.  <3
Yay~ This story is based on the song "Gentlemen don't" by Gabe Bondoc. It's sooo cute! ~and when i heard this I immediately thought of the "gentleman" England!!

Listen to this version of the song~~~ by Alex Thao.. he's amazing!! <3…

well, this story has potential.. yesh yesh it does... :iconyayenglandplz:

if anyone likes it enough, they can request another "kissing booth" story with another country!! just request in the comments, please! :iconenglandisayplz:

and if you want to request anything else, please go to my journal entry and request it there~~~~

I'm finished my friend, :iconreynwalker: 's request, so check it out if you'd like~~

Thanks for Reading!!!

story belongs to me
you belong to you and maybe.. :iconsexyenglandplz: ...?
hetalia and its awesomeness belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

Wanna read some more fluffy-awesomeness? check out:



Kiku: and


Thanks once more for... everything ^^ ILY all~~~!!!


Please comment!! I appreciate the comments!!! :D
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Arthur: YOU BLOODY GIT!!!!!!
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