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“…so what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” you blushed as your roommate, Eliza gave you a significant look.

“Nothing…” you turned around and pretended that you were incredibly interested with your homework- even though you were just yawning from sheer boredom a few moments earlier. You jumped when Eliza suddenly pounced on you and began poking you mercilessly on your sides.

“S-s-stop!!” you gasped, trying your best to wriggle away from your merciless friend.

“Not until you ‘fess up!” she said stubbornly. “You finally got yourself a boyfriend and you say you aren’t doing anything for the biggest love- romance-day?? That’s bull!”

“Okay, okay! I’ll tell you!” you said desperately. Her pokes were beginning to hurt. Once she heard you, she let you go and then looked at you expectantly. You opened your mouth as you began to talk when suddenly…

*phone rings* Elizaveta whipped out her phone and checked the caller ID. “Oh, it’s Gilbert…” she answered it saying, “Hey, Gil…”

When you saw that she was totally engrossed into her conversation, you very slowly walked out of the room, trying to not make any noise that would give you away. When you finally reached the front door you opened it and slowly closed the door behind you. Once you heard the door give a small little clicking noise you breathed out in relief. You were free.

You looked around outside your apartment and noticed that a full moon was out. You walked down to the stairs and glanced over at a specific room and sighed. Apartment number 106 was dark, meaning that he was out. You then sat down on the stairs and rubbed your arms.
It was pretty chilly out and you wished you could go inside, but you didn’t feel like dealing with your friend right now. You then reached into your jacket pocket and took out your phone and felt a small pang of disappointment when you saw the time: 8:09. He wasn’t going to be out for another hour or so.

You sighed once more and leaned your head against the railing and stared at the dark windows of his room. “What will we do for Valentine’s day?” you whispered quietly to yourself. You honestly had no clue of what you were going to do with him. He was so busy at work lately and you had been busy as well at school that you two have barely seen each other.  You knew that he really wanted to spend more time with you, and you did as well, with him, but time just seemed to work against you two.

You pressed a button on your phone so you could look at your wallpaper. It was a picture of the two of you eating spaghetti together. You smiled, remembering the first date you had with him, after he had missed the bus for you and shopped with you as well. Back when you two weren’t so busy.

“Lovi… I miss you…” you said softly, and to no one in particular.

“…and I miss you too.” You jumped and turned around, only to come face to face with the very person you were just thinking about.

“Lovi!” you smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “What are you doing here?” you asked him curiously, checking your phone to see what time it was. “I mean- isn’t it still your shift?”

He just smiled and sat down next to you, taking both of your hands- which were very cold now, and held them in his in an attempt to warm them. “Your hands- they are so cold! What are you doing outside in this freezing weather, you idiota!?” he breathed on your hands and pretended to look angry, but was failing miserably.

“Lovi…. You didn’t answer me!!” you said, in an equally “grumpy” voice, but honestly you were grinning like an idiota.

He still ignored you as he stood up and walked downstairs while leading you into his apartment. He had you sit on his couch with a blanket wrapped around you while he started to boil some water for some hot chocolate and then plopped down next to you. He then looked at you and then burst out laughing.

“Why are you laughing??” you pouted.

“You look like a caterpillar, all wrapped up like that with only your head sticking out!” he said, with tears almost leaking out of the corners of his eyes.

“Well, it’s your fault,” you said pouting some more. “You wrapped me up like this and-“ you squeaked a bit in surprise as he suddenly grabbed you and pulled you back so you were resting on his chest. You blushed and tried to pull back, but he had his arms securely around you, effectively preventing you from moving. You looked up and saw that he was blushing as well, but smiling. You smiled and cuddled with him some more, feeling warm and safe. You could even hear his heartbeat, which was currently beating pretty fast.

“So- you still haven’t answered me, Mr. Lovino Vargas,” you said as you closed your eyes, suddenly feeling a teensy bit sleepy.

“What haven’t I answered yet, Miss (f/n) (l/n)?” he said. You smiled as you could feel his chest vibrate a bit with every word he said.

“Oh, don’t play innocent! You never told me why you left so early!” you said as you “punched” his knee.

“Ouch…” he joked. You turned around as best you could so you could look at him. Directly.
And suspiciously.

He then turned red and looked to the side and mumbled.

“What was that Lovi?” you said curiously, wondering why he was getting so embarrassed.  “I’m this close to you and I still couldn’t hear what you said.”

“….because I really missed my girlfriend and wanted to spend some time with her…” he mumbled, but you could make out what he was saying this time, at least. He was a very deep shade of red.

“Really?” you said, smiling.

“…” he still didn’t make eye contact. This made you a bit suspicious.

“Why are you acting so guilty though?” you asked him.

“…I kinda got caught….”

“Caught?? What do you mean?”

“…” there was a slight pause. “I was yelling angrily at the dishes in the kitchen... complaining about missing you… and then...”

“And then…?” you blushed and tried not to laugh. He was yelling at the dishes?

“And then… that tomato bastardo overheard…and...”

“And…?” now you could finally see why he was so embarrassed.

“…he told everyone in the restaurant about it…” he said in a low voice, so low you almost didn’t catch it.

“Oh, Antonio…” you then began to laugh a bit. “So then what happened, Lovi?”

“…he asked everyone in the restaurant if he should let me go early so I can see you and they all yelled yes… and some even offered to buy me some wine… and some other things…” he blushed.

“Oh.” You blushed as well. Then you looked at him, holding his face gently between your hands and turning it so he could look straight into yours. “Lovi… did you really miss me that much? So much that you’d yell at dishes?” you smirked a bit at that last statement.

He then began to get a bit flustered. “W-well…!” he objected a bit but couldn’t say much more that an embarrassed “idiota...”

You then couldn’t contain yourself anymore and hugged him fiercely, snuggling into the crook of his neck. “I missed you so much too!” you squealed, feeling all warm and happy inside as well.

You could feel his entire body get hot and he just hugged you back, giving you a quick peck on your cheek.  Then you began to laugh.

“What?” he asked you indignantly.

“It’s just… I had no idea you could be like that!” you smiled up at him.

“I-I-Idiota!” he stuttered, blushing. Then you heard something whistling at the stove. “Augh the hot chocolate!” you quickly sat up and he ran over to the kitchen to take care of it.

You turned around and looked at him fondly, thinking of just how lucky you were to have a boyfriend like him. Even if he was really stubborn and pretended to be mean… you just loved how genuinely sweet he was. He came back over with mugs brimming with hot chocolate and set it on the table. You unwrapped the blanket from around you and draped it around the both of you. He turned to look at you and smiled, putting his arm around you and leaning back into the cushioned back of the couch. He buried his face into your (y/c) hair and said, “you always smell… so good.”

“What???” you smiled and blushed.

“Just... be quiet bella,” he said, sensing that you were going to make fun of him. You giggled and leaned against his shoulder and you two sat there and enjoyed each other’s company, making up for the many days you two spent apart.


“Good night, Lovi,” you said after you gave him a good night kiss. You turned around to put the key into the lock on your door when he suddenly hugged you from behind.

“Hey… are you busy this Thursday?” he asked you, his voice a bit muffled because he was hugging you so tight.

“Nooo… why?” you turned around to look at him curiously.

“Okay, just keep it that way, okay?” he said, sounding a bit relieved.

“Why?” you smiled up at him, a bit suspiciously.

“It’s a secret… okay, you idiota ragazza!” he said in a grumpy voice.

“Oooo-kayy...” you said as you opened the door. “I’ll keep it super-duper clear just for you. I’m yours for that entire day, alright?” you winked at him.

He humph-ed and then gave you another kiss. “Love you, bella.”

“Love you lots, too,” you smiled and then closed the door after you waved at him as he went back the door, finally closing the door when he went out of your sight. You turned around and were suddenly face to face with a very suspicious Eliza.

“Ohh… hey,” you said to your friend, who looked sleepy and a bit too gleeful.

“I KNEW IT! You are doing something for Valentine’s day!!” she squealed.

“What..?” you thought about it and then realized Thursday was Valentine’s Day. “Oh yeah, that’s right.”

“AHA!” she said triumphantly and then went back happily to her room after saying good night. You rolled your eyes and sighed. Eliza was always worried about you… and you had no idea why. Maybe it was because of all those animes you watched…

WAIT. You had a date for Valentine’s Day! You smiled as your tired mind realized it once more. You walked to your room and jumped on your bed as you smiled, feeling strangely triumphant as well. You smiled once more as you recalled that everyone at his work knew how much he missed you- and that he must have told them about you as well- and went to sleep, dreaming sweet dreams about what you’d do with him on your Valentine’s Day date … with a thought of him smiling at you with those kind eyes of his in your mind. <3
Happy-- or maybe not so happy XD- Valentine's day to all of you!! ^^ This is my gift to all my watchers! ^^

I wanted to write something for all of you... and of course, it had to a story about Lovino... ^^ heh heh.

So... I-LUV-YOU-ALL!!! :iconlubplz: :iconlubplz:

and I hope you like this!! ^^ I might make a Kiku one as well, since I like him too... ^^ and maybe it'll be a twoparter... with one one I'll publish on Thursday and one I'll post on white day... Maaaayyybeee~~:music:

Listen to this as you read! (if you want- I was listening to this on repeat as I wrote-) [link] Love Recipe- by Clazziquai


Story by me.
Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to Lovi, of course~!
Awesome pic found here~ [link] (and it's a direct link, so there!)
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pikachuart Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That's good.. *nods* I agree... I understand how you feel... since I sorta feel that way too. There will always be opportunity in the future... and yeahh... kdrama love... wow. heh.

which ones have you watched??? (I'm super curious now :9 )

((and thank you, m'dear, I really like it too... but I might change it today... I love changing it waaay to often.. ^^'' ))
Sushi-Cutie Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I've watched too many to remember, I watch other Asian dramas like CDrama and TDrama or JDrama and my memory is horrible, but off the top of my head: I am Sam, Coffee Prince, Romantic Princess, Iris, Momo Love, You're Beautiful, Hana Kimi, (Ughhhh~ It's so hard to remember... I can't remember the rest... Though, I watch way more anime than I do dramas. I read manga, too.)
pikachuart Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ohhhhhhhhh! ^^ hana kimi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart:

hehe that's a lot!
Sushi-Cutie Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hana Kimi~ Love~ RABURABU~ I forced some of my friends to watch it, and they liked it.^O^ What have you watched?
pikachuart Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
omo... with kdrama and jdrama?

for jdrama- some of hana kimi, detective conan, and a bit of I love tokyo kawaii detective and the wallflower..

kdrama- boys over flowers, goong, to the beautiful you, you're beautiful, love rain, dream high, God's quiz, a bit of Ghost, Faith, rooftop prince, jewel of the palace, the moon that embraces the sun, queen in hyun's man, my fair lady, sungkyunkwan scandal, secret garden,

and I'm currently watching Gu family book and Monstar. :D

and I've also read and watched a ton of mangas too :D
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SoulReapper Featured By Owner May 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Ahhh great story!!!! Lovi is so sweet

I never get to spend a Valentines day like that in reality, I'm always alone hehe ^^
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Valentines day: Hate
This story: LOVE~!
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I love when Lovi's tsundere moments he was the reason why I started to like tsundere people
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other than that, the story is so cute... so fluffy :3
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