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I sighed. Today had been another hard day of school. I had two tests and a full day of dealing with the crazy antics of my friends… namely Alfred and Gilbert. They kept teasing me about getting a girlfriend, but I always refused. My studies were more important, and besides… I had never seen anyone who caught my interest.

When the bell rang, I cringed a little as I heard some familiar voices… yes, voices that were definitely too familiar I thought to myself as I could feel a headache forming. "Oi! Kiku!" Gilbert yelled as they ran up and roughly half hugged me. I stopped walking, totally stiff.

"You bloody gits, you know that Kiku doesn't like that! Get the bloody hell off of him!" Arthur shoved them off of me. I relaxed and then bowed to Arthur in thanks.

"Hey, you don't have to do that…" he replied a bit embarrassed, clapping me on the shoulder.

Gilbert then looked at me mischievously. "Kiku, come on, lighten up a little… and come hang out with the awesome me and Al!" he said with a big smile.

"Yeah, Kiku buddy! We're going to go scout out the girls at the club downtown!" Alfred winked.

"Uh. No thank you. I have a lot of homework to do," I shook my head vigorously. They were always trying to find some new girls.

"And my answer is also no. you do know that I have a girlfriend now…" Arthur quickly said when he saw the looks being directed towards him from the duo. He looked at the watch. "Which speaking of whom, I have to meet up with because I have a date. See you!" he said crisply and then started walking towards his girlfriend's class room.

"Arthur's been soo boring since he got his girlfriend," Alfred said as we watched him walk away.

"…speaking of his girlfriend… would you like to help out her awesome fundraiser effort?" Gilbert asked me, with one eyebrow raised.

"….Hai," I nodded, if it was for charity, then fine. Then I remembered what kind of fund raiser it was. "But I don't want to be the kis-"I was cut off by the two waving and laughing as they ran away.

"OKAY, I'll tell Arthur that you'll give out~ kisses!" Alfred called out. They both ran away, laughing gleefully.

"…." I stared at them, and then banged my head on the wall. How the hell did I get into this? I thought as I rubbed my temple, in an attempt to ease the pain of my headache. Hitting the wall definitely did not help. I would have to clarify things later with Arthur.

After I got my stuff from my locker and was walking to my house, I decided to stop by the park. I had one spot that I particularly loved: a beautiful grassy hill with a beautiful Sakura tree that graced the top. When I walked towards it, to my surprise I saw that someone else was there…

…and she was beautiful... adorable… perfect.  She was sitting by the tree, playing a beautiful melody on her guitar and singing. She had taken some of the blossoms from the tree and put them in her hair and looked like a faerie. I didn't dare say anything… I did not want to startle her... but instead just listened to the clear crystal notes that she made with her voice… I listened to them hover in the air.

When she finished her piece, I couldn't help but applaud for her. Then she saw me. She stood up and blushed. "W-w-when did you get here?" she stuttered as she quickly began to pick up her things.

"Since you started playing that beautiful song," I admitted, also blushing for some reason.

"Oh… you heard…" She looked at me, with a very wistful look and a modest blush. Then she bowed and said, "IhavetogohomeIamverylatesogoodbye!" she yelled and then took off.

Without thinking, I ran off and tried to catch up to her, but she was very fast. "Prease, come back!" I yelled after her, but she kept on running. But suddenly, a big gust of wind blew and the papers she was holding flew over to me. I was able to catch them, but when I was distracted, I lost sight of her.

I sighed and then looked at the papers. They were song sheets that she composed. This song…

I then turned around and started walking home. I had to find her again… and I would use the song she wrote to find her.

************************************Time Skip****************************

"Hey, good morning, ol' chap!" Arthur greeted me after fourth period. He then looked around and whispered, "Are you really sure you want to do this? It seems like Gil and Al bullied-"

"Hai, I rill absolutely help out," I told him with a seriously.

Arthur gave me a skeptical look, to say the very least, but then he grunted and walked over to the table. "Well, my girlfriend couldn't make it here today, but here," he gave me bags of Kisses. "All you pretty much have to so is smile… and wink at them." He tried to give me some advice.

"rink?" I said. Smiling was somewhat manageable… but winking…? I tried it out…

But Arthur's reaction was not very encouraging. In fact, he snorted and patted me on the back. "Good enough…" he shook his head and smiled. "Hey, here they come…" he said as he ran out of the way.

There was a whole… herd… of fan girls that ran towards the table… squealing. I shuddered, this lunch was going to be a very long one, to say the very least. In the midst of the crowd I saw Alfred and Gilbert giving me thumbs up. They were laughing and taking pictures. I sighed. At least someone was enjoying it. I scanned the crowd… looking for a particular someone…

I didn't see her.

"Konichiwa, Honda-san!!! Can I have a kiss?" one of the girls in front of me winked and puckered her lips a bit. I was glad that there was a table in between us… very glad.

After some self-coaching, I smiled and then picked up about ten kisses… since she gave me a dollar… and place them on her outstretched hand.

"Ahhh! Arigatou!" she squealed and then almost "fainted." A new girl soon took her place… and they all looked at me hungrily. Who knew that I was such a desirable bachelor?
There was still no sign of her. Maybe she wasn't interested in me at all. I sighed and then went back to work… smiling at the crowd of girls in front of me who immediately squealed when they saw it. My head ache was beginning to form again.

*****************************Your POV*****************

You sighed as you walked through the hall to the cafeteria. It seemed a bit... emptier… to you. Then you remembered. There was one of those kissing booths that the "hottest" boys in school were running. Every girl was over there trying to get a "kiss" from one of them. That is... every girl but you.

You were currently displeased with yourself because you lost the song sheets to the song you made up. It was very precious to you because it was one that you wrote for him…
Kiku Honda, the handsomest and smartest boy that you had ever seen!

But you also knew that you had a zero chance of ever being with him… in fact you didn't think that he even knew you existed… although he did have your song sheets... and he said your song was beautiful… which was super embarrassing because it was a love song!
At the memory, you groaned and placed your head on the table. What if he had read it…?! You agonized over it by yourself during the whole lunch period. When the bell rang, you decided that you'd somehow be able to get it from him… when…

"Hey, _____________! Why didn't you go over to the kissing booth?" You looked and saw it was Feli, your Chem Lab partner.

"Why would I want to go to a stupid kissing booth?"

"Because… Kiku was in charge of it…" he looked at you with a smirk.

"No WAY?!" your heart leapt at the sound of his name.

"Yeah, you should've seen him! He was soo stiff it was funny!" he laughed.

You then ran and took off towards the hall where the kissing booth was. Not for a kiss… but because you wanted your song back. The song that came from your heart… the one that you wanted for him to hear and he was suddenly there… listening to it… the one that you signed "to Kiku"… and the one that carried all of your love in its words.
The song of your heart…


To your surprise, you heard a guitar playing… familiar chords. Very familiar chords. You followed the music to where he was and peeked over at him. He was sitting on the table playing the song. He looked very passionate… and sort of sexy, you thought, as he strummed the chords. You gasped and then started blushing furiously when you heard him singing the first verse.

How is it that we, how is it that now
How is it that the two of us ended up here
Time passes by like the stars inside many people….

You couldn't help but step out and start singing along to the part you were supposed to sing…

Inside my heart (My heart)
Filling my eyes (Filling)
Is all of you (You)
Piling up
It seems that without any sound
Even our cold fingertips become warmer

He looked when he heard your voice with surprise, and then he smiled and gave you a look… a very loving look… that drew you in and you found yourself walking closer to him.

Let us not be afraid
It's an exciting first love like honey
Carefully, day by day again
I will always love you

You were now sitting on the chair that was right next to the table and for this next verse he serenaded you with a voice like honey.

Your face (When I)
That voice (Remember)
When I remember them (You)
My heart becomes flushed
The cold day, frozen in white
Seems to be melting away

You both blushed when you two looked at each other, but you then you began  to sing your solo…

We trust each other
It's a first love that twinkles like a star
Even if our hearts are pounding
Step by step again, I will get a little closer

Then you sang together…

Like the delightful first snow
I want to have my first kiss
With you, who came to me
I can hear your heart
It seems like the two of us
Are the only ones in the world

You were finally warming up to it... you were both smiling at each other shyly and singing along happily.

Let us not be afraid
It's an exciting first love like honey
Carefully, day by day again
I will always love you

….You're my first love

Both you and Kiku finished the last note together and an uncomfortable silence hung over you two for a second.

"That was a very beautiful song you wrote me, __________," Kiku suddenly said, bowing and blushing deeply.

You blushed too… and to break the awkward silence that settled over you two once again, you took out your wallet and got a shiny dime.

"…do you have any more kisses?" You asked, looking curiously at the table to see if there were any laying around.

"…" he walked over to me and smiled, a kind gentle smile. He held up a kiss in his hand to show you. "Yes, _________, there is just one more left."

You tried to smile, even though you were a bit disappointed. You were hoping he'd do something like give you a real kiss. "Okay, thanks," you said and you reached for the candy.

But to your surprise, he faked you out and lifted his arm higher so you couldn't reach it.

"Hey, now...!" you pouted.

But then you your surprise, the next thing you knew… his lips were on yours! You gasped a bit, and then relaxed and began to kiss him back. For someone who was extremely concerned for his personal space… he was a good kisser!

You both soon had to break for air. You looked up and saw that he was blushing, probably the same shade you had on your face.

"I rove you, _________," he told you shyly.

"Aishiteru… Kiku," you smiled lovingly, and then glomped him and gave him a big kiss back.

He smiled back and kissed you on the forehead. "Rill you be my girlfriend?"

You nodded and then you smiled mischievously and took the candy away from him when he wasn't paying attention. Then you held it up. "Do you want this kiss?" you teased him.

He blushed and then nodded.

Let's just say that he thought your kisses were much sweeter than any candy. <3
Yay~! finally finished the Kiku part of the kissing booth series!!! :D

I hope it's okay. This story took me an amazingly long time to come up with and write down. I kept deleting this story.. and I'm happy with this version. I wanted to go with the theme of "love at first sight." :heart: :heart:

Arthur's story was kind of like best friends to lovers. :icononionx3plz:

p.s. Arthur's gf is the reader in my other story, "Gentlemen don't kiss and tell" (missed it? click here--> )

So, yes, hope you guys liked it and thought it was really cute! Please comment, I always appreciate your comments!

Also, i'm going to work on a....

:rose: Gilbert

...version! Hope you look forward to it!!

story belongs to mwa.

you belong to you and :iconjapanposeplz:

and hetalia belongs toooo :iconhimaruyaplz:

Enjoy! :heart:

OHH yesh~ and the song is "it's my first love" by IU! it's cute. actually the lyrics are translated into english soo you and Kiku... should actually be singing in Korean.. O.O congrats! you can speak Korean!! heh heh :D if you want to listen to it...…
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