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October 14, 2012
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"And here's mein awesome girlfriend!" you stuck your tongue out at the camera that Gilbert was pointing at you.

"Why are you recording me?" you asked your boyfriend curiously. He had a "vlog"- one that he called the "The Awesome Life of Gilbert." He was constantly carrying around a camera and filming himself and the surroundings around him. You'd think that no one would care about what he did, but he actually had an amazing amount of subscribers.

"Come on, introduce yourself to the world!" Gilbert said with a smirk on his face.

"Hi, I'm the awesome girlfriend," you smiled, using your fingers to make quote marks when you said the last two words.

Then you gave a little surprised squeak when he pulled you close to him, and kissed you on the forehead, still holding the camera up, as it was still recording. "Of course she is awesome, she is my girlfriend~!"

Despite being a bit annoyed by the continued presence of the camera, you couldn't help blushing and smiling. "Hey, Gil, if you're finally done with your introductions, let's get skating!" you said, using it as an excuse to get out of the view of the camera. You grabbed his hand and began to drag him to the booth where they were giving out ice skates.

He laughed and asked the lady (with his camera still on, of course) for two pairs of skates. She nodded and then went to the back and soon returned with the skates in hand. Gilbert thanked her and gave her the money for the skates. You took them and walked over to a bench. As you laced up your boots, you still noticed that he-miraculously- was not filming!

"Am I seeing things?" you said as you exaggerated rubbing your eyes as if you were seeing wrong. He laughed that strange but cute laugh of his as he finished up lacing his skates.

"I'll film a bit later… but for now, I want to be the only one who gets to see your beautiful face," he flashed a charming smile at you.

Your face immediately turned a deep red, and you got up, took his hand and began tugging it. "I want to go to the ice ring now…"

"Okay… now I finally get to show off mein awesome skating skills!" he said

"Yeah, right!" you scoffed and smirked as you two began to wobble over to the entrance of the rink, holding hands.

Gilbert made it on to the rink before you did. He got on and almost fell, but soon he got used to it and sped off before you. "Come on, _________, this is easy!"

That made you cringe a bit. Even though you really wanted to go ice skating… you did not really know how to. You tentatively stepped out onto the rink, and your foot immediately shot out. You squeaked in fear and grabbed onto the side and hung on for dear life. You blushed once more as you saw that Gilbert was laughing a bit. "Why are you laughing? That wasn't funny..." you pouted.

He skated over to you and smiled a bit apologetically. "Hey, I'll help you… because I am so awesome!" he held out his hands to you. You looked over at him, and after much thought, you carefully took his hands.

"Good, now relax. No need to be so tense… I got you," he reassured you as he began skating… backwards?!

"You're showing off…" you stuck your tongue out at him.

"Well, I did tell you I was awesome," you two laughed at that. He smiled brightly at you when he saw that you were skating just fine now. He let go.

"Hey, Gil!" you said, scared.

"No worries, frau… try skating by yourself now…" he said, reassuringly.

You tried to take one foot off to propel yourself forward, but lost your confidence and unfortunately fell right on your butt.

"Ouch…" you complained to Gilbert. He went over to you with a concerned look on his face.

"Are you okay, frau?" he said, his eyes worried. He helped you up.

"Yeah… although I've been better…" you said as you rubbed your rear end. It really hurt!

He then took one of your hands. "Well, let's try skating this way."

You were a bit shakier than when he held both of them, but you soon regained your confidence and began to actually skate. You gave him a big smile and said, "Gilly, this is so much fun!"

..and this time he blushed and then gave you a really kind smile back, his ruby eyes reflected his love for you. "That's awesome, frau, I'm glad, then."

He came over to where you were sitting with some hot chocolate. "Thanks…" you said as you took it from him.

He grunted his reply and then sat next to you. You both sat for at while, staring at the rink, now filled with people. You looked at the couples who were skating hand in hand, and smiled. You scooted over closer to Gilbert and put your head on his shoulder.

"What are you thinking about with such a big smile, mein girlfriend?" he said as he put his arm around you.

"I was remembering when I came here in middle school and wished that I had a boyfriend that I could skate around with and hold his hand," you told him as you snuggled up closer to him.

He kissed your cheek at that. You could tell he was smiling through his kiss. He then made a surprised grunt and took out his phone. "Oh yeah, I wanted to show you this."

"What's this?" you said as you sat up. The screen was black, and a familiar song was playing.

Just another summer day
I'm driving down the road just thinking to myself
How beautiful you were that night
And baby how you drive me so crazy
Through the way you smile, the way you talk, the way you move

You then saw a video play. It was Gilbert driving that silly old car of his, singing that song you liked so much. Then little videos of you began to pop up.

And every time it leaves me breathless
Wishing and wanting more

I know it might sound cliché
But I think that you're the one for me
I know that no one else can make me feel this way
Feel like I'm on top of the world

There were little videos of you making faces of him, of you smiling at him, and of you pouting and asking him why he was filming. (of course they were muted, the song was playing over it) You blushed and looked over at him he just smiled and motioned for you to keep watching.

Every time that I hold you
Feels like the very first time we met
And there has never been a day
Where the song in my heart has stopped playing for you

And every time it leaves me breathless
Wishing and wanting more

Then there were other clips, of you dancing around in the field that he randomly surprised you with by driving you there. Of you trying to feed him the food you made him, of him singing a song to you while playing the guitar. There was also a film of the both of you slow dancing at a party. So many sweet memories…

I know it might sound cliché
But I think that you're the one for me
I know that no one else can make me feel this way
Feel like I'm on top of the world..

It ended with him on the guitar, and smiling at the screen. Then it faded black and said: To the only one as awesome as me, ________, the love of my life! I know you might be a bit annoyed with having to always see me behind a video camera… (you laughed at that and squeezed Gilbert's hand) …but every moment I have with you is a precious memory to me and it's something I want to remember forever.  I love you…

Then it ended. You then smiled at turned to look at him.


"Yeah? You liked it"

"Why did you put up so many embarrassing videos of me on the internet?"

"Huh? Wait- I thought all of them were cute…"

"How could you…?"


"Hehe, just kidding Gilbert… I loved this, it was so cute."


"I love you~!"



"…I'm glad you liked it. And of course, who wouldn't love the awesomeness that is me?"



"Hehe… I guess you are pretty awesome…"


[you two stopped talking for a bit because you had glomped him and you two were now kissing. Little did you two know that Elizaveta was filming you two. She was filming you since you guys were on the rink (Gil asked her to.. he wanted to film this memory as well) and now she was adding this]

"I wonder how the fan girls will react to this…"

You two, in blissful ignorance, continued the date, still unaware that Elizaveta was following you.

Ah well, you had a great time… and you yourself followed his shows. But your favorite one
was the one he surprised you with on that ice skating date. It was one memory you two would never forget. <3
this is just a little one shot... my second GilxReader. :heart:

I sure am fond of this awesome guy~! :iconlaughingprussiaplz:

he is so much fun to write with. :iconphappyplz:

I hope he's not tooo OOC.. i feel like he might be some of that.

aaannnnyways... I should get to bed now... but oh! this song is yet another song sung by Alex Thao... who is amazing. [link] this is actually a song he wrote. it's pretty cute, no? :D

and I've also been watching some vloggers and they are hilarious...! like Kev Jumba!! ^^ I bet Gil would be an awesommee vlogger. I mean, hey, I'd totally subscribe if he had one! :iconprussiaumadplz:


story belongs to me

you are owned by the awesomeness that is Gilbert :iconprussiasparklesplz:

and hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

and the pic does not belong to me. but it is super duper cute~!!!

plain and simple, no?

I might write a Switzi one shot soon... but I definitely have another one that will be done at least by next weekend... but hahaha it is a secret! a surprise for my lil sis~! ^^

please comment~! I always love comments~! ^^
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