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September 23, 2012
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You sighed when you looked outside the window. Raindrops were hitting the side of the window in your classroom.

"Great…" you whispered to yourself. You were very displeased because the one day you left your umbrella home, it rained! And plus, you were very under dressed for the weather. It was a curse you seemed to have… never being able to dress just right for the day. For instance, this morning when you looked outside your apartment, the sky was somewhat cloudy, but the sun was shining, so you put on some shorts, a t-shirt, and some sandals… which, when your boyfriend met you for breakfast this morning he commented about.

"_________-chan, are you sure you rill be okay?" you remember him asking. At the time, you just smiled and waved him off. He still managed to give you his jacket, which now you were really grateful for. In fact, you were now wearing it and shivering, although you were really happy because it smelled like him. It was so big that it went to your knees!

Now you were just at the door frame, looking dismally outside at the rain. It was about a three mile walk to your apartment, and you wondered if you'd be able to make it without getting soaked. Well, seeing that there weren't any other options, you sighed and put the hood over your head and folded your arms, trying to keep as much warmth inside Kiku's jacket as you could. Then you made a break for it.

You squealed as you accidentally stepped into puddles, and you found yourself somewhat happy that you were wearing shorts. Then to your utmost dismay, the rain started to come down harder, and there was still a mile or so to your apartment. You stayed under a tree, partially covered from the rain, but some (actually many, you were just trying to be optimistic) raindrops were still able to hit you.

You were now utterly miserable.

You shrank back as much as you could into Kiku's jacket, wishing for nothing more than for him to be there. But unfortunately, he was at work now, and wouldn't be out for another few hours. You looked up at the clouds. It didn't seem likely that the rain would be letting up any time soon.

"Kiku-chan, I wish you were here," you whispered, as you knelt down and felt yourself slowly get soaked.

Then suddenly, you noticed that there were no more drops falling on your head, and that there was a pair of very familiar looking shoes in front of you.

"Kiku-chan!" you gasped happily and looked up at him.

Then to your surprise, he pulled you up and hugged you fiercely. "________-chan, I was so worried. I ran to your school to pick you up, but you weren't there," he told you as he held you close.

You felt instantly warmed up and a blushed formed on your face. Kiku rarely showed you any physical forms of affection, especially in public.

"You were going to pick me up?" you asked him happily.

"Yes, Yao allowed me to leave early when we noticed it was raining hard," he informed you seriously.

Then you somewhat regretfully broke away from his embrace to look at him. His face was a bit red, since he had been running, and you noticed that he was a wet as well and also a bit messy. His tie was a bit undone, his hair was messy, and his shirt was rumpled- quite different from his usual scrupulous appearance. You then felt a twinge of guilt. You caused him to worry about you and go and look for you. You then glomped him and fake cried, "Gomenasai! I'm such a bad girlfriend~!"

He then patted you on the head and chuckled a bit. "You're so cute…"

You then pushed up your head and saw that he was giving you a fond smile, and that he was blushing just like you were. "So you forgive me?"

"Of course I do, ______-chan, I was only doing what a good boyfriend should do…" he told you with a smile.

Then he sneezed.

"Oh, no… let's go to my apartment, and I'll warm up some nice tea and turn on Cardcaptors and snuggle and not get sick," you smiled and linked arms with him.

"…you have CARDCAPTORS?" he asked you with an amazed look.

"Yup, I finally got to borrow the whole series from my friend," you giggled at his surprised face.

He smiled back and then you sighed in pure contentment you snuggled against his arm and began to walk home, hand in hand.

This rainy day had a rainbow in it after all. <3

*************************************Extra! Kiku's POV***************

I watched ________ laugh as Syaroan ran away, blushing furiously, after he saw Sakura smile or do something cute. I smiled fondly at her, thinking that _________ was truly my Sakura. Everything that she did made me smile and feel all warm inside. ___________ had the warmest heart... more than anyone else I knew… and I felt truly grateful that she chose to love someone like me.

The hours flew by, and the next thing I knew, the credits were rolling and we had finished the last episode of the second season. (We had skipped a few.) I looked over and noticed that _______ was still cuddled up next to me, and her head was on my lap.

I tapped her shoulder gently. "________, want something to eat?" I asked her. When she didn't respond, I suddenly knew she was sleeping. I chuckled quietly to myself. She was so cute.. I then gently slid her head off my lap and got up so I could get a better look at her.

She had the most angelic expression on her face and she looked so cute that I immediately had to pinch the bridge my nose because it was bleeding for some reason.

She. Was. So. Cute.

After my nose stopped bleeding and I cleaned up the mess, I gently picked her up and carried her to her bed. I then laid her down and noticed that she was still holding my jacket. I smiled and then tucked her into bed and kissed her forehead. "Slreep well, watashi no ai…" I smiled.

She then stirred and mumbled in her sleep. "I wuv you soo much too, Kiku-chan," she said happily in her sleep.

"….!" I got another nosebleed. I moved to run to the bathroom but then I met resistance. She grabbed my hand.

I smiled at that and then sat down on her bed. Then she suddenly grabbed me by the waist and pulled me down and cuddled me.

I sighed and then gave up. I turned around and cuddled her back. "Okay... _______-chan, you win..." I smiled and we both fell asleep, completely content and perfectly warm, to the lullaby sound of the rain pattering on her window.
I just wanted to write a cute short story about a rainy day with Kiku~ :heart: and here it is! :heart:

...This is how I reward myself for doing homework. ''OTL

When ever I walk home on a rainy day... I think of this scenario. I would love to have my boyfriend rescue me from the rain! :heart:

:iconjapansparklesplz: and Kiku is your hero!!!

I hope you enjoyed this oneshot~! I guess this is kinda the sequel to My first love song~ ([link] )..except now reader-chan and Kiku are in college... and Kiku is in the cafe buisness~ and Yao's his super nice boss. (thank Yao~ he let Kiku go early so he could rescue you!)

Hehe... that's all for now, folks! :D

I'm still working on the Kissing booth stories, in fact, I have a story sorta planned out in my head for Gil's version. :3

and... I need to continute the Not a Monster! -- RomanoxReader series..... ''''OTL

:D haha they will come soon :heart: please look forward to them!! :iconyayjapanplz: :iconsaysplz: YAYYY!!!

story belongs to mwa

you obviously belong to :iconkawaiikikuplz:

hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

Cardcaptors belong to CLAMP!!!

the picture belongs to this website: [link]
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