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There once was a girl who lived in a beautiful estate by the sea. She had everything in the world that she could wish for, bit all she really wanted was some time for herself. She would often go to the seashore and sit for hours on the sand and stare at the rolling waves. It was a beautiful and calm time for her, a way for her to leave the stresses of life. It was here that she could take off the heavy dresses, the corsets, the petticoats and wear a simple smock and just play for a bit. It was something that she was sure that her stuffy governess would have been horrified to see and the gossipy maids would laugh and tell the whole town about it… but that was part of why she liked this midnight tryst so much…

They didn’t know she was doing this at all.

It was just her and the beach… or so she thought.

One night, when she was watching the stars sparkle in the sky and the moon’s reflection
dance in the ocean waves she felt another presence staring at her.

“Who is it?” she demanded, yelling at the rocks around her. It stayed silent for a bit, but she crossed her arms and stared at the rocky coast, waiting for the guilty to emerge.

“..All right, all right, frau, it’s just me,” and to her surprise, a teenage boy who seemed to be around her age with silver eyes and ruby eyes emerged from behind a boulder.

“Hey, I know you... you are the sword smith’s apprentice!” she said, still feeling a bit suspicious. “How long have you been spying on me?”

“Your Grace, the better question would be vhy are you here?” he countered, neatly sidestepping her question.

She was shocked. All of her “friends” would never have dared to have spoken back to her- but this servant…! But she had to admit, it was a bit refreshing, compared to all of the fake fawning the other the other of the gentry class did. She turned her back on him and looked at the waves once more. “I- I don’t have to answer that.”

Then he walked up to her and just looked at her for a while, then also looked at the waves. “She’s calling you, isn’t she… just like she calls me every day…”

“ ‘She’ ?” her curiousity broke through her precautious disposition.

He grinned at her, thinking of how cute her grace looked with that expression. “The Sea..!” he said as he looked out at the water. “She wants you to explore every part of
her- look- the waves, they are beckoning you to come with every wave!” he grabbed her hand and ran to where the waves were lapping against the shoreline. She protested, but when they got into the water, she squealed at the chilly feeling.

“What are you doing, unhand me this instant!” she puffed, but he still didn’t let go. He just smirked and kicked some water at her, soaking the hem of her dress and making her squeal once more.

Fed up with it all, she began to kick back. Then they both let go of each other’s hands and used their arms to splash water at each other. They both got into it- and soon she was laughing along with the white haired boy as they got soaked.

After they collapsed onto the sand, she looked at the boy, who was now smirking. “What are you smiling at?” she said, once again regressing back to her superior tone.

“Duchess, when you smile- you look even more beautiful…” he said.

She blushed, and for the first time in her entire life, she had nothing to say.

He then laughed an addicting and strange laugh and he looked at the sea, and then back at her. “______, run away with me, to the sea…” he said, his ruby eyes serious.

“What? That’s an absurd idea! Why would I run away..? I have so many responsibilities and I’m-” she was cut off by the boy when he put a finger on her mouth.

“Then vhy do you come out here every night and stare at the sea, frau?”

She couldn’t look him in the eye- because she knew what he said was true. Then she heard some noises- it was her governess and the maids, they were calling for her. They both got up and looked at each other desperately. Then to her surprise, he kissed her and
whispered into her ear, “If you want to come along, I’ll meet you at the docks tomorrow.” Then he ran off, before he was caught.

She was so shocked that all she could do was stare after him as she silently touched her lips.

“_________, oh my word! What are you doing sneaking out here in a filthy thing like that- and you’re hair, it’s full of sand!” her governess said, her voice full of disdain. They wrapped her in towels and took her back to the house.

After being forced to take a bath and being locked into her room, she drifted off to sleep, her heart beating fast as she recalled what had happened just a few moments ago. She knew exactly what she was going to do in the morning... and she fell asleep with him in her dreams.

~ *Time skip*

You stared out at the sea, shielding your eyes from the glare as the sea reflected bright flashes of the sun. You almost smiled at the irony of this situation. After that one night, you were kept under close watch, not once being able to leave the estate without the company of one of your… “friends.”  Now the one place you kept in your heart as the place of your freedom was now going to be the place where you finally were going to lose all of your freedom.

You squirmed under the restraints of your dress, feeling uncomfortable because the dress was so heavy and you were currently under the direct sunlight. You were being walked across on the arm of your father, the duke, through a crowd of people that didn’t know you- that didn’t care for you... down an impromptu aisle where at the end- was your forced destiny.

You were being wed today.

There he was, smiling at you, not a care in the world. Happy that he was going to have a beautiful wife- but not much else… you were just a treasure he was going to show off. You knew that he was just marrying you for the title and the money. When you reached him, he smiled and said, “________, I love you…”

You didn’t answer him back, but stared at him with an unreadable expression. Your heart felt sick, and you felt like throwing up. But there wasn’t anything else you could do. Your father was forcing you to get married to this man, and with this man, you’d move farther away from the sea and farther away from him… the boy with silver hair… your one and only love.

When he put your sparkling wedding ring in your finger, you resisted the urge to fling it into the sea and run away from it all. Your eyes began to water as you felt yourself
getting closer to your doom, and the crowed awed misreading your tears as happy ones. Then it was your turn… you shakily put the ring onto his finger and then said the two words in a quiet voice, trying your hardest to hold your tears back...

“I- I- I-” the words got stuck in your throat. You couldn’t say it, and then to your surprise- and evidently everyone else’s you felt a strong arm encircle your waist and a gun point at your would be husband.

“She’s not going to marry you,” an outrageously confident and strangely familiar voice said.

You looked back in surprise, and almost fainted as you saw that a familiar face. It was that silver haired boy, but now he was a very handsome man, wearing a luxurious coat and a magnificent captain’s hat. “It’s you!” you couldn’t help but say with a smile, as tears began to blur your vision.

Your now ex-fiancé drew his sword and lowered it threateningly. Both he and your father asked you “Who is this knave? Unhand ________ now!”

Then one man yelled fearfully from the crowd, “Don’t your grace, it’s the Awesome Captain Gilbert, the captain of the Lucky Gilbird- a feared captain throughout the seven seas!”

At that Gilbert smirked and said, “Ja, at least one person knows his stuff,” then he looked proudly back at the two men who were going to take your freedom away and said, “Well, I’ll be taking my bride then… don’t you dare do anything funny, I have my whole crew surrounding you.” Then he whispered into your ear. “Sorry it took so long to rescue you, mein frauline, but I was afraid you’d refuse me if it wasn’t awesome enough to impress you.”

You laughed in spite of yourself and kissed him in front of the crowd, finally feeling free for the first time in what seemed ages.

He then smiled that outrageous smile of his and held out his hands while his ruby eyes looked deeply into yours. “Are you ready to go and explore the sea.. mein frau?”

You took it and smiled a genuine smile as you said, “With you, I’d go anywhere… even to the ends of the earth.”

Then you two departed from that cage that trapped you for so many years and was never seen again, but there were tales of an “awesome” duo that explored the sea and discovered many secrets. A duo that was loyal and in love to the end.
Sending wishes off to sea, I was
In the lighthouse making signals
Saw an glimmer off the beach, drifting
Surely straight for me
No way for me to reach your shores
No ship can sail across this deep blue sea
This vast expanse feeding heartache
But you can sing, this song with me
In this letter writes a hand, alot like mine
hopes and dreams so much alive, and well they heal my mind
foreign phrases foreign lands, understood just fine
from where you are, you were
blowing kisses to the sea, I was
In the lighthouse making signals
Whats day for you is night for me, always
Waiting patiently
- Song to the Sea, Gerald Ko [link]


Happy Birthday, my sis~~ :iconrainbowuni-potato: !!!

I was wondering when your birthday was exactly, but haha, I'm glad it was today! ^^

I hope you like this!!!! heh ^^'' I really hope you do!

:rose: Story belongs to me~
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