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It was a day that we had been waiting for many months… and days.
“Feli… I can’t wait to see her…” I remembered her looking at me lovingly as she tenderly took my hand and placed it on her large belly.

We both laughed as we felt her kick. “Ve~ I think she agrees as well, bella,” I said as I kissed her stomach and her cheek. I sat up and drew the covers over both of us and snuggled up to her, placing her head on my shoulder. I missed being able to hold her in my arms, but she was too big now.

Now we were in the birthing room at our hospital, and I was holding her sweaty hand, and watching anxiously as she stayed quiet, but her beautiful face was scrunched up in pain.

“It… hurts…” she quietly groaned as she turned to look at me and smiled painfully.

I almost began to cry right then and there, but then I remembered that I had to be strong for her. I took my green and red handkerchief and began to dab her sweaty brow with it. “Ve~ ________, bella, hang in there… it will soon be all over…”

We smiled at each other and I gave her a quick peck on her lips as the midwife and the doctor came in. “How are you feeling, Mrs. Vargas?”

She mumered her answer and they began to talk to her about various things. I slipped away, sensing that nothing was going to happen for a while to go to the bathroom. On the way back, I saw Ludwig.

“Feliciano, congratulations…” he smiled. “I hope I’m not intruding..”

“Ve~ no, no _________ and I would love for her Uncle Ludwig to be able to meet his niece.” I replied happily as I shook his hand with gusto.

He still seemed a bit embarrassed and uneasy, but nodded. “So, how is ______?” he asked me, a bit concerned. “Shouldn’t you be in there with her now?”

“Ve~ oh, well the doctors are talking to her and it seems that it will be a while until—“ I stopped as I saw nurses scrambling towards the delivery room where ______ was being held it.  “Oh mio Dio!!” I yelled and scrambled over to the room. Ludwig chased after me.

When I got there, they were quickly reeling her into the emergency room nearby, yelling “It’s an emergency caesarean!” in urgent voices. I tried to run in after her, but the doctor held me back, “Mr. Vargas, it is best if you stay out of the way..”
At that moment, it was like something snapped in my mind. I raised up and balled up my hand into a fist and was just about to punch that insolent doctor with my fist when Ludwig caught my arm and restrained me with his strong arms.

“Stay out of the way?!” I struggled against Ludwig, who was holding back my arms and pulling me back, away from my love. “THAT’S MY WIFE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT YOU BASTARDOS!!”

I then tried to pry Ludwig’s arms off of me, but he wouldn’t let go. When I tried to bite him, he pinned me up against the wall and at that point I broke down and began to hit the wall, gnashing my teeth in worry. I felt so hopeless. What was wrong with my wife? What was wrong with my child? The child that we both dreamed about and talked about every night before we went to sleep. The baby that we decorated a room… I painted cute animals all over it while she knitted cute hats and dolls for.

The baby that we both cried happy tears over when we found out she was finally pregnant, after many years of barrenness.

I then felt a strong hand on my shoulder and looked over to see that Ludwig was looking at me with concern in his eyes. “Feliciano… snap out of it!”

I then felt light headed and I saw doubles of everything. “_____..” then it was dark.


When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed. The room was dark, and I was disoriented. Then I saw someone… no, it was _________. She looked beautiful, like an angel, even though she looked really tired. She smiled and sighed as she shook her head.

“Feli… really, freaking out like that… over a simple c-section?”she smiled.

“Y-you would’ve done the same if doctors came yelling out of my surgery room like that!”
I protested, but she smiled and  I kissed her. She was still lying down in her bed, which was directly across from mine. Then I noticed that there was a little bed next to her… two in fact.

“Is that…” I was at a loss for words.

She smiled, her eyes getting misty. “There was another little bugger hiding in my womb. He’s tiny, but he’ll make it..”

I walked over to the little beds they had for the babies. They were beautiful, and bundled up in blankets. One pink, and the other blue. They were both sleeping… but I could tell that they both had their mom’s cute nose… and my hair. They even had that curl in their hair!

I looked over at my beautiful wife and kissed her. “They are beautiful,” I told her, trying not to tear up too much. I kissed the babies as well, gently on their foreheads.

But then, to my surprise, the both opened their eyes and began to squirm around.

“Ve~ Welcome, __________ and __________ Vargas…” I cooed. “Your mother and I have been waiting a long time to meet you… and you two sure caused quite a bit of trouble for both of us already, but-!!” I jumped.

“What happened, Feli?” _______ asked me, her voice filled with concern.

“N-nothing, it was just that they grabbed my curl…”

She looked at me for a moment and then burst out in laughter.  I began to laugh sheepishly and walked over to join her in her little bed. I cuddled her and we both quietly fell asleep, with the babies sleeping peacefully beside us.

*** Extended Ending~ Your P.O.V.

“CHIGI!!! STOP IT YOU BA-” you smacked Lovino before he could say another word.

“How many times have I told you not to cuss around my children, Lovi??!” you tried to say angrily, but your children were laughing at their uncle. You took ________, your little boy away from him and smiled at little _______, who was currently snuggling with her angry uncle. “AW, look now much she wuvs her uncle… isn’t that wight, _______?” you cooed. She giggled.

Lovino sighed and gave in. He held your daughter and took her into the living room to play toys with her. You laughed quietly to yourself. Who ever knew he was such a baby? That dork. You rocked back and forth as you hummed and fixed _______’s hair. He smiled at you and cooed… which made you squeal and buss his cheek. He looked so much like his father! And now that he was five months, he was as big as his sister… he was certainly a pleasant surprise! And he had that adorable curl in his hair…

Then he started laughing. You turned around to see that.. “Papa and Uncle Ludwig’s here!” you told your boy as you kissed Feli and smiled at Ludwig.

“How’s my little ragazzo doing?” Feli cooed as he bussed his cheek. ______ giggled and tugged on his papa’s hair, making Feli wince.

“Come in, I have refreshments in the living room, Lovi’s already in there with our ragazza…” you all walked to the living room. Ludwig took your son and played with him and you went over to Feli, who was standing just outside the room and watching the uncles play with your kids. When you came over and stood next to him, hetook one arm and embraced you, hugging you so tight that he lifted you up a tiny bit.

“Feli!” you giggled.

Then he dropped you down and kissed your cheek tenderly. “Ti amo… _________, mi bella…” he said, his voice a bit raspy, with the kind smile you always loved.

“Ti amo, Feli… Ti amo…”

“---CHIGI!!! YOU!!” you both jumped and looked over to see that your son had grabbed a fistful of Lovi’s curl and was gleefully tugging it. You then looked at each other and burst out laughing as you walked over to rescue the uncle from the grips of an over loving nephew. <3
Okay... so I have no idea if any of this delivery room stuff is correct, because I've never given birth before! But I have heard a lot of scary delivery storys from my mom's friends, to which makes me go "Thanks.. you made is sound that much better.." ^^''

This is request by :iconkyraandlink: , this time with a prompt! : I kinda want an angsty italy story. The reader and italy are married and are about to have their first child, but there are complications so reader-chan is wheeled into the ER. Germany is there to support italy but italy snaps and goes 2p and is only able to return to normal when he is handed his child. Reader is finally wheeled out beaming weakly at her husband.


okay, so maybe I didn't follow it to the 'T' but I hope it's alright... ''OTL

I hope you like it~ I really do!! ^^


yay~ getting requests done, one by one~ I still have a--

:rose: NetherlandsxReader
:rose: SwedenxReader
:rose: SwitzyxReader
:rose: Something funny...

Now I must go research!!! ... No... I'm not using this as an excuse to read reader inserts... nooo! le gasp! Why am I so wrongfully accused?!?! ;D Now I will fly awaaaay!!!! *sparkles*


Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to Feli!! Ve~!
Story and Sparkles belong to me...! ^^
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“Stay out of the way?!” I struggled against Ludwig, who was holding back my arms and pulling me back, away from my love. “THAT’S MY WIFE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT YOU BASTARDOS!!” 
I couldn't stop thinking: Ahh... Now I see that Lovino and Feli is in family xD
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