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October 8, 2013
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You knocked on the door of an apartment on the first floor.

“Who is it?” yelled the occupant. He sounded a bit grumpy, but you smiled.

“It’s meeehh!” you yelled.

“Who?” he yelled again.

“Meeehh!” you said, weakly since you heard footsteps coming towards you. You heard the turning of knobs and the unlatching of knobs until you came face to face with your boyfriend.

“What are you doing, idiota? Since when was your name, Meh?” he said with a smirk.

“Lovi…” you said, pouting. You sniffed and then promptly hugged him, burrowing your face into his shoulder. “I’m shick. Very shick.”

“W-w-what?? Let’s hurry up and get inside, idiota,” he said, pulling you inside and closing the door behind you. He led you to the couch and wrapped so many blankets around you that only your head was visible.

“Lovino…” you laughed, but then began coughing. He looked very concerned and put his hand against your forehead. You flinched at first since his hand was so cold.

“You’re burning up! Let me get some medicine for you then,” he said as he got up from the couch. He turned around and looked at you. “Lie down, I’ll come back and I don’t need you following me around.”

You smiled to yourself and took a deep sigh as you laid down on his cushy couch. You did feel a little guilty for intruding, but you really wanted to be babied. And you knew, despite your boyfriend’s grumpy demeanor, that Lovino would certainly take care of you.
That’s just what you loved about him.

He came back with a bottle of water and some liquid medicine. You sat up and smiled sleepily. “Here, take this,” he measured out the medicine carefully and handed it to you. You nodded and then took it and drank it all in one shot, making a horrible face which your boyfriend laughed at.

You pouted and said, “What! It’s disgusting!”

“It’s supposed to be. Otherwise you’d want to be sick all the time,” he smiled fondly. At your still disgusted face he leaned over and kissed your forehead. “Hurry up and drink some water, that’ll wash the taste down,” he said, turning his head away and blushing. He seemed surprised at his past action.

You blushed, glad that your fever was hiding it. You drank some water and then leaned against Lovino, your head on his shoulder. “Ti amo, Lovino, thank you for babying me,” you said, quietly.

“Humph,” you heard him snort. He turned his head and looked at you. “Well, that’s what you certainly are, idiota. Why in the world were you out there in the cold? Couldn’t Eliza have taken care of you? Or you could have called me…”

“Eliza’s at work… and I wanted to see you right then and there so I just came down,” you sat up and looked at him. “And what’s the point of living really close to each other if I can’t just come over whenever I want?”

He then smiled and didn’t say anything for a bit, but just laid down his head on your blanketed lap.

“Lovino! I’m sick!” you gasped.

He looked slyly up at you. “Ah- ha! It’s too late to be the concerned girlfriend!” he smirked. “If you really didn’t want me to be sick,” he sat up a bit, his face suddenly close to yours. You blushed a deep red. “ would’ve stayed home, bella…”

You stared adamantly back at him, trying not to be embarrassed. But you couldn’t hold his gaze for very long. You quickly turned your head away and then sniffed, “But I just saved you the trouble of visiting!”

He laughed a bit sheepishly. “Ahh.. trying to be brave huh? Your face is like a tomato!”

You looked back and snapped, “Well, what’s Mr. Tomato doing trying to pretend to be all sexy and stuff?” you pouted once again.

He leaned back on to your lap and sighed, but he was blushing as well. “Ah.. my face is
all red. Maybe I already caught your cold... I feel all hot.”

You hit him playfully and you both laughed and then became quiet. You looked outside and saw it was dark and heard the light pitter-patter of rain.

“It’s raining… Lovi,” you said quietly, feeling simultaneously warm, comfortable, and really, really having no desire at all to get up and go home.

“Hmmm…” he turned and looked up at you, and said- as if he read your thoughts- “Why don’t I go upstairs and tell Eliza and you’re sleeping over tonight. She can come down in the morning to get you.”

You smiled a blissful smile and snuggled deeper into his sofa as you reached for his hands. “That sounds wonderful…”

“And I’ll also get her to give me a change of clothes so you can take a bath while I study…” he said, getting up.

You threw your arms around him and said happily, “You’re the best, Lovino!”

He turned and flicked your forehead lightly. “Idiota… just hurry up and get better, okay?” He untangled himself from your embrace and walked out to the door. Before he opened it, he turned and looked at you and said, “Hey… wanna watch a movie later?”


Lovino smiled as he looked at you, sleeping contentedly on his shoulder. He gently got up and laid you down on the couch.

“Lovi…?” you said sleepily as you grabbed his arm.

“Bella.. I’m just going to clean up, okay?” he smiled gently at you but you fell quickly back to sleep. He spread the blanket over your entire body and then turned off the TV. He picked up the remnants of dinner (The Vargas recipe for banishing colds- a special soup!) and tiptoed quietly to the kitchen. He picked up his school books from the kitchen and was about to go to his room, but then decided to go back to the living room. He turned down the light to a dimmer setting and then sat right in front of you on the floor. He set his books on the table in front of him and then turned around and kissed your cheek.

“Good. Your fever has gone down…” he smiled and brushed the hair off your face. You smiled in your sleep and he felt his face get all red. He reached out his arm- but then quickly turned around and sat down. He reached for his book and said, “It’s time for studying!” he snorted, but his face was still red. He opened it and began to study, but not without looking back at you every once in a while.

Later that night, after he was done with homework, he got a pillow and a few more blankets from his room and took your hand, which was hanging down. He kissed it and bade you goodnight. And you two went to sleep, hand in hand, with gentle smiles on your faces.
I'm shick too... = . = With the most horrible stuffy nose ever.... blehhh.

this is just something that I thought of and felt like writing down. I hope Lovi wasn't too OOC... > . < It's been such a looooon time since I've written a story about him... =u=''' forgive me if he is...

now... I still have some ideas about FE reader inserts, but I wanted to write a hetalia reader insert since it's been such a loooong time since I've written one... =u=''

okie dokie, so 'njoyyyy~~~~


Hetalia belongs so :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to Lovi....
Pic was found on the internet, I don't remember where I got it but if you know, please tell me, since I'd love to give credit to the lovely artist!
and this story belongs to me!


story actually has the same reader-chan from these---> (the first story in this.. mini series? xD it was certainly unintended) (second!)
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