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Submitted on
January 12, 2013
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“Kiku-chan we’re going to be late!!!” you yelled, looking in every direction for your boyfriend. Where was he? It was almost time for the school festival to begin, and your class was opening up a café for the day. You and Kiku had signed up to be waiters for an hour long shift… but where was he?

“____-chan, I’m over here…” you heard his muffled voice coming from around the corner. You ran towards the direction his voice was coming from excitedly. The waiter’s costume was really cute… and you couldn’t wait to see what he looked like!

When you finally found him, his back was towards you, and he was fumbling around with something at his neck.

“Kiku-chan? Are you alright?” you asked him curiously. He was acting a bit embarrassed, and he was turning his body away from you so that you couldn’t see his front. You pouted and then glomped him. “Why aren’t you letting me see how you look?” you complained as you felt him tense up and then relax.

“___-chan..” you could feel his face heat up and he sounded embarrassed.

“I’m not letting go until you let me see how you look!”

He sighed in defeat and then turned around. You gasped happily and clapped your hands when you finally saw what he looked like. He was adorable!! He had black slacks on with a white dress shirt over it. He also put on a black vest over his shirt. You were a bit confused by his embarrassment. Why was he so shy? He looked great… and then you saw the problem. His tie…

“Kiku-chan… do you need help?” you asked him as you pointedly looked at his tie.

He looked at you shyly, with his cheeks burning. “Hai..”

You walked over to him, trying your best not to giggle. As you began to tie his tie correctly, you smiled at him, blushing in spite of yourself.

“Why are you smiling like that?” he asked you, curious.

“It’s…”  You laughed. “I feel just like a wife right now... helping her husband get ready for work…”

“_____!” your boyfriend blushed an even deeper shade of red. He was so surprised that he even forgot to include an honorific at the end of your name.

“There, you’re all done…  danna-san..” you smiled impishly as you tightened his tie and smoothed out his shirt and vest.

He was still too shocked to say anything.

You sighed and shook your head. “Well, you’re going to have to get used to it someday…” and then you looked at him. “Hey, you didn’t say anything about how I look!” you said as you “pouted.”

“You… you look really cute,” he said, finally waking up from his surprise.

“Thank you~!” you smiled.

“________-san, Honda-san! It’s almost time for the café to open up!” you heard your classmates yell.

“Okay! We’re coming!” you yelled back and then you turned back to look at Kiku, who was starting to walk.

“Wait, there’s one more thing…” you mischievously grabbed his tie and gently jerked his head down. Then, to his upmost surprise, you kissed him sweetly, right on the lips! “Do your best at work, danna-san, and then we can go on a date afterwards!” you winked at him and left him blushing and with a shy smile.

*** extended ending~

After that festival at your school, you began to notice that Kiku wore ties more often.

Nahh… he didn’t wear it just for the kisses did he? Or so what if he did… but he always denied it, saying that he wanted to look more professional. But it was something you helped him with every morning even when he really was your danna-san.

And he’d blush the same red as he did that one festival day, a date you’d both cherish forever. <3
danna-san= husband~

hello! I've finally submitted another writing... after a long long time... =3=

I'm sorry for being so lazy

This is another request, this time by :iconshadow-fan-girl-16: !! I'm so so so sorry for taking such a long time... TT^TT but here it is! I hope you like it!! ^^ I really do!! (and I'll finally fill out the tag journaly thing~ as well for you~~ ^^'')

I'm also, of course, working on other's requests as well... slowly but surely... ^^

Aren't ties on guys just cute? ^^ I can't wait to help my bf tie a tie! ^^ But... that means I'll have to learn first ^^''' ahh! *leaves to go look up instructions on line*


Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to :iconsexykikupls:
Story belongs to me!

Pic does not belong to me, but I'll take it off sooner or laters... but tell me if it's yours and I'll ask you if I can keep it here forevers! (and I'll credit you, of course!)
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The picture was from nabari no ou, but good fan fic
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It was really cute!!!.... now... i need to learn how to tie a tie
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