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October 31, 2012
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You got out the car after you parked and breathed in the ocean air deeply. You smiled as you saw a familiar figure waving at you from the porch of your destination, the beachside villa. You waved back as you opened up the trunk of your car and began to take out various things.

“Hola, chica,” you looked up and saw that Antonio was there. He looked… great. Just like he always did… he had a nice, healthy tan and he was smiling down at you.

“Oh, Uncle, you should’ve just waited for me there!” you told him, although you were pleased that he came to help you out.

He took some of the bags from your arms and smiled, “Well, I wouldn’t leave a chica here to carry all these bags here by herself… especially if she’s  mi chica..”

“…and if she’s here to help you out?” you smiled, arching one of your eyebrows.

He laughed. “Hey, stop that… “

“Yeah, okay,” you laughed as well, and you started walking towards his house. Your bags were filled with various things- food, cleaning equipment, various things that Antonio told you to bring- and they were pretty heavy, so you were glad that Antonio offered to help.

You soon both entered the villa. It was a  place that held many memories for you. You would often go here during the summer for about a week or so. It was originally Uncle’s summer home- until he decided to move there permanently. And now you visited them occasionally- whenever you were free from school or work- to visit your Uncle and… Lovino.

Speaking of Lovino, he didn’t come down to say hi, or at least to see who it was. “Where’s Lovi?” you asked Antonio, curiously.  You tried your hardest to feign disinterest in his whereabouts. You knew your “uncle” well enough to know that he sometimes acted like a little kid when it came to crushes. Antonio really wasn’t your uncle. He used to be your neighbor, along with Lovino and his brother Feliciano when were in elementary school. You would go visit them so often that it really was as if they were family.

Which was sometimes something you found to be both a blessing and a curse.

The blessing was that… it was really wonderful to be able to know Uncle and the Vargas brotheres so well… and well, the curse part of the relationship… was staring at you right now, with a very suspicious and smug look on his face.

“Lovi? Well, he went out for his daily workout….” He leaned in with a smirk. “Mi chica, don’t be too disappointed, I’m sure he’ll come back for dinner. Even he gets hungry, no?”

“…” you chose very pointedly to ignore what he said and began to survey the dump that he called his home. “This is definitely a bachelor’s pad,” you said with a slight grimace on your face. Boy, this was going to take forever. There was trash everywhere, cobwebs hung on the ceiling, and- you went to the cabinet and ran your finger along the top of it- there was a thick layer of dust that settled throughout the house.

You turned to your Uncle and smiled at him sweetly. “If there’s anything that you want to keep, you better collect it now~” you said in an equally sweet voice that carried an undertone of daggers with it.

Antonio gave you one look, gulped, and dashed up the stairs, “Ay dios mio! Just get to my room last!” he yelled desperately.

You laughed in spite of yourself, and then sighed and turned to survey the mess once again. Then you rolled up your sleeves, grabbed the bucket of various cleaners, and in the cheeriest voice you could muster, said, “It’s time to get to work!”  Then you went straight to work, attacking the messy rooms.


In a surprisingly short amount of time, you managed to finish most of the rooms, with some help from Uncle (once he finished hiding his stuff) and all that was left was…
Lovi’s room.

“Seriously, Uncle, you shouldn’t leave all the cleaning to Feliciano. Would it really kill you to at least help clean up a bit… and get Lovino to help you as well?” You lectured Antonio while waving a broomstick around at him, trying to get him to realize just how necessary it is to at least keep the rooms somewhat clean.

“Well… Lovino does try to help, but he makes things messier… and I’m too busy-“

“-what do you mean you’re too busy? You always have time to go on dates…” you folded your arms and began to look at him unmercifully.

“But- but..” and then he went off into a long explanation- mainly excuses- about how he needed this and that. You sighed and continued to sweep while drowning out most of Uncle’s whining. They really couldn’t do anything without Feli.

Then you just decided to move on to Lovino’s room. You had hoped to wait until Lovino came home so you could just get him to do it- but he was taking too long. It was almost dinner time.  

When you opened it, however, it wasn’t that dirty. Just a few clothes scattered around- you felt your face get red when you saw that there were some tomato patterned boxers on the floor- but over all, it wasn’t too bad.

You turned around and were about to head out when suddenly you ran straight into… Lovino.

“Ah, Lovi!” you said, feeling somewhat guilty as you tried to hide the broom and dusters that you had behind your back.

“What are you doing in my room?” he asked you. He didn’t look too happy.

“I uh—ah—uhmm…” you stuttered as you tried to sneak past him so you could escape. But he deliberately blocked the door.

“Idiota… just answer my question.”

You then grinned as you remembered your best weapon that you had in your arsenal. “Oh, Lovi! Hi~~~” you smiled sweetly and then opened your arms as if you were going to hug him. (the broom and the duster you just dropped on the floor)

“Eh?!” he said and he blushed a deep red as he froze.

“FAKE!” you yelled gleefully as you evaded him and ran out his room.

“HEY YOU IDIOTA RAGAZZA!!!” you heard him and began to run for your life, while still laughing happily. You heard him slam the door to his room and run after you.

You knew that if you stayed inside, you would have no chance, you ran out to the backyard and towards the beach. You glanced back briefly only to see that he was gaining ground on you. “Oh Shoot!” you said as you began to pant. You had forgotten how tiring it was to run through sand.

Soon your legs were screaming at you and you were breathing heavily. You turned around and… “Augh!!!”

Lovino, who apparently wasn’t expecting you to stop, collided with you. He somehow managed to catch you in his arms and twist so he felt most of the impact.  You opened your eyes and almost gasped when you saw that Lovino’s face was only a few inches away from yours. You blushed and then remembered that Lovi must be in pain. You tried to get up when-

“No, I’m not letting you go,” Lovi growled and hugged you tighter.

“Lemme go!” you cried, blushing even more.

“Nope, not until you tell me what you were doing in my room!” he said seriously.
Then you pouted. “Nothing, I was going to clean it up, but I decided to just let you do it.”

“Really…? So you didn’t see…?” he let go of you and looked abashed.

“I didn’t see what?” you said as you got up and began to brush sand off yourself.  Then you thought for a bit, “Oh, you mean your cute undies?” you teased, grinning widely.

“No! You’re such an idiota!” he frowned and blushed as he began to also brush off sand from his clothes.

“Nope, I didn’t see anything, scout’s honor!” you declared, crossing your heart. Then you raised your arms up towards him. He rolled his eyes and then helped you up. You both began to walk slowly back. “But now that I think about it…” you looked at him with a grin. “I am now really curious as to what exactly you are hiding from me.” You began to start running towards the house, but then Lovino grabbed your arm.

“I’ll… I’ll show you later…” he said with a big blush across his face.

Then when you realized that he was actually holding you hand, you felt awkward, and a blush was threatening to take over your complexion. You then gripped his hand and began to drag him to the ocean’s surf, laughing all the way.

“Wha- what are you doing, you idiota?” he laughed as well and began to run with you.

“Stop acting so darn sentimental, Lovi. It really doesn’t fit you well,” you winked at him. you were both now standing close to the water. You took off your sandals and then
smiled up at him.

He looked grumpy at your last remark, so then you mischievously pushed him into the water.
He cursed and spluttered “What the hell, my shoes-!” you then laughed and splashed some water at him.

“Oh, _______, so this is how you want it?” he growled as he quickly took off his shoes and socks and threw it next to yours. He kicked the surf. You squealed when it splashed you. The water was really cold!

You two continued to play in the water, laughing and yelling and splashing each other. While you were playing, you couldn’t help but smile. It had been a while since you saw Lovi, but even when you did see him, he rarely smiled the way he did now. Right now, he looked so happy, so carefree. His brown eyes sparkled when he looked at you, and your heart leapt at the sound of his voice.

“Lovi, I love you…” you said quietly, smiling at him.

“What did you say?” Lovi yelled as you and then he splashed you, getting you pretty wet.

“LOVI, YOU DORK!” you yelled and immediately got revenge. You two both laughed as the sun began to set.


You two trudged through the sand, along with Uncle Antonio. He had eventually come out with a picnic dinner which was a delicious feast. Now you were all heading back to the now clean Beach house, and you were planning on returning home.

“Chica, you should really stay,” Uncle tried for the millionth time to convince you… and you had to give in.

“…okay… but I’ll have to leave early tomorrow…” you said as you tried to stifle your yawn. When you got to the house, you showered, brushed your teeth, and changed into some of Lovi’s clothes. You smiled and tried not to blush as you put it on. It smelled just like Lovi, and you loved how it looked on you.

When you got out, you walked to the dining room to tell them that the bathroom was free. They both looked up, and suddenly Lovino got up, bumped his knee on the table and ran to the bathroom cursing and his hand was over his… mouth? You couldn’t tell because you were looking from behind.

Uncle just chuckled and asked you where you wanted to sleep. You said that the couch would be fine, but he told you to sleep on the bunk bed in Lovino’s room.

“…okay…” you said and said good night. You were really sleepy, so you went up to his room and went straight to bed.

…well, you couldn’t help but look around for the mystery object, but soon gave up and went into the bottom bunk and curled up under the covers. You felt warm, clean and very safe. You soon fell asleep.

~ (Lovino’s POV)

I sighed as I walked to my room, using a towel to roughly dry my hair. I stopped just before walking into my room. Should I say goodnight to ________? No, it was probably best if I didn’t. it took me a while to stop my nose from bleeding and my leg was sore from when I rammed it against the kitchen table.

_______. She was just too cute.

I knew that she was cute ever since we were friends in elementary school… but then when we went off to different middle schools, and I moved away… she just transformed into an even prettier bella. Not that I could ever say that. I was not that stupid. I knew that she didn’t like me and that I had no chance of ever winning her heart. And even if I did…

…I was leaving soon. I didn’t want her to face any heart break over me.

I walked into my room, flipped the light on and walked over to my desk to take out my good bye gift to ______. I kept it in a small box and hid it in the corner of one of the drawers. It was a keepsake from my late mother. A golden locket. I remember her telling me to give it to the one who had my heart. I decided that only _______ was the one who fit that and that if I ever returned, I would give her the key.

I sighed and put the box away in the same hiding spot, and looked out through my window, at the waves. I was feeling frustrated. Why did I have to leave? I never wanted to leave her, my bella. My idiota ragazza. I wanted to see her dorky smile and laugh with her.
Even if she lived far away… at least I could see her every weekend…

I’d have to tell her tomorrow… at least the tomato bastardo helped me with that. Damn.. it sure hurt to have something I’d owe Antonio… but it was for ________. Feeling overall frustrated and worried, I climbed into bed, only to almost fall out of my bed in pure shock.

_________, was in there with me. I chuckled in spite of my surprise. How in the world did she sleep through my slamming and stomping? “Idiota,” I bonked her gently on her forehead. I started to get out of bed when she suddenly turned around and grabbed me around the waist. “!!!” I gasped in surprise and tried to carefully pry her arms off of me, but she held on even tighter.

“Idiota…. Let go of me…” but I soon gave up. I checked to make sure she was sleeping.
Sure enough, she was fast asleep. Feeling slightly guilty, but also shamefully- a bit happy I lay back down and out my arms around her and we fell asleep together, with my face burrowed in her sweet smelling hair.

I soon drifted off to sleep, forgetting all the troubles that tomorrow would bring me, and the sad goodbye.

I lay with her in my arms, feeling warm, safe, and a new feeling- a warm glow that radiated throughout my whole body.

Maybe someday, if she did love me, we’d never be separated… but for now, we stayed close together, and my last thoughts were…

“I wish I could stay like this forever, mio bella…. Ti amo…”
I have no idea what happened when you woke up.... but i think Lovi wasn't there anymore. He probably woke up really early just so he wouldn't be discovered. Naughty Lovino!!

:icontickedspainplz::iconsaysplz: What is this? I did all of this to get you together with _____, and that's all you do, have a nice cuddle with her?! Where's your passion? Where's the amour?

:iconromanoragefaceplz::iconsaysplz: Shut up, you tomato bastardo!!! I'm not a pervert like you!!!

This is directly related to my "Key to My heart" story and the "Birthday Surprise Story!!" It happens sometime in between.

Hope you enjoyed! I had honestly no idea this would be soo long. ^^ It's about 6 pages on word. :P

I will eventually..... start on the kissing booth series again.... I'm sorry! I've been just super busy!! :iconrazycryplz:


You belong to :iconhawtromanoplz:

Story belongs to me~

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:


Thanks for reading~~ Please comment~ I love reading your wonderful comments~~ :iconhontoplz:
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So, yeah.
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