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“What a beautiful day~” you smiled and deeply breathed in the chilly, but pleasant autumn air. Today really was a beautiful day- the sun was shining, the sky was a beautiful blue, but it wasn’t unbearably hot… in fact it was rather cool.

A fact which you immediately noticed as you began to shiver slightly and rub your arms in an attempt to warm yourself. You groaned a bit as wind started to pick up. “Why is it s-s-soo c-c-c-cold?” you complained, your thoughts of it being a beautiful day quickly fading from your mind. Not that this was a rare occurrence for you. You had often misjudged the weather… foolishly thinking that a clear sky and sunshine meant that it was warm enough to go out with a t-shirt and jeans.

You then took out your phone and stared at it. Thirty minutes. Exactly thirty minutes until the bus came. “I’m going to be a Popsicle by the time it comes!” you chattered as you began to try to warm yourself up by jumping up and down in place. You even considered running back to your apartment to change into warmer clothes, but decided against it. Your bus wasn’t very reliable, and you had a feeling that you’d be unlucky enough to have it come while you were gone.

And so you waited… and your arms slowly begin to numb. You anxiously looked for the bus and looked at your phone every ten seconds. Then you noticed that he was there. “The Perfectionist”- you secretly named him that because he looked like he spent hours making sure that he was perfectly dressed- without a single hair out of place. The he was the kind of person that made you want to go over to him and muss up his hair just to see his reaction.

But you wondered why he’d always stand so far away. He took the same bus to school with you, and yet he never spoke to you. You couldn’t tell if he’d even noticed you were there. He was one of the more popular people in your school… and, you admitted, he was pretty cute. Usually, you ignored him as well, but today you looked at him, feeling very jealous. He looked very warm, with a muffler, a scarf, and overall a very warm outfit. You stared at him until he noticed you looking at him.

--Direct eye contact!

Since it was the first time actually seeing his face full on, you flinched and then looked away, feeling your face burn. You then pretended to be very interested in the cracks in the sidewalk. ‘Wow, that crack looks like…’ you thought idly to yourself then you nearly squeaked in surprise when you felt something warm around your shoulders. You looked up in surprise and once again looked straight into his face.

"Here, frauline, you can have my jacket,” he said with a small smile as he saw your surprised face.

Your heart almost leaped right out of your chest when you saw him smile. You never realized that such a stony faced person could have such a kind smile. But then—“Oh, no, I really couldn’t… it’s freezing and,” you stuttered as you tried to take it off, feeling incredibly embarrassed.

He just smiled once again and put his hands on the sides of his jacket and slipped it back on you. “I’ll be fine, frau, and you are a bit…. Underdressed,” he gave you a wry smile.

“oh… thank you….” You said, your cheeks feeling warm. You enjoyed how the jacket was so much bigger than you. The sleeves were so big that your hands were hidden. And it smelled… good… the spicy scent of his cologne tickled your nose. You felt your body slowly warm up as you two were now sitting next to each other at the bus stop.

“Hey- uh” you both started to talk at the same time. You two closed your mouths, surprised and then started laughing.

“You go first…” you said shyly with a big smile, motioning with your hands for him to keep talking.

“Well, I just wanted to ask you… uhmm..” he scratched the back of his head nervously as he chuckled. “I’m Ludwig… and you are…?” he said as his cheeks began to redden. He held out his hand.

“Oh, I- I’m ________,” you said with a big smile as you took his hand. Then you heard a familiar sound. “Oh! The bus is here!”

You two got on the bus and sat together in the back. You laughed and talked as if you two were friends for a long time. You were surprised at your incredible luck. You never thought you’d have the courage to talk to Mr. Perfectionist, and here he was talking to you.

When it pulled up to your school, you got out along with him. He walked you to your class and you took off his jacket and began to give it back to him.
To your surprise, he waved it off and smiled. “You’re free for lunch right?” he said with that adorable accent of his. He then whispered into your ear, “I’m glad I finally got the courage to talk to you.”

You felt your cheeks redden for the hundredth time that morning and his whisper sent chills like sparks throughout your body. You shyly whispered, “I’m really glad too…” and then waved goodbye to him as he walked away. You walked into your homeroom feeling numb with surprise and your ears were burning. –not that you were left in that state for long- the class was filled with cheers and whoops from your friends as they bombarded with millions of questions.

But you just sat down, drew his jacket closer and promptly ignored them while enjoying his now familiar scent.

You definitely couldn’t wait for lunch!

...and you never really minded if you got the weather wrong... at least not anymore! <3
This was a request... ermmm.. that was requested by~~ :iconwiralin: ahahaha... I hope this was fluffy enough? Hmmm... yeah... ^^'' hope you like eet! x3

Yush yush... thanks for requesting~ haha!! :heart:

This was my first Germanyxreader so I hope it was okay~~ ^^'''''''''

Thanks for readin!! :iconmisakiciaoplz:

~story belongs to me
~you belong to Ludwig
~Hetalia belongs to Himaruya~~~!!!

PEACE! P-chan's OUT!!!

p-chan's had a little too many choclates today....
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cute and fluffy
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"He was the kind of person that made you want to go over to him and muss up his hair just to see his reaction."

Yeah, pretty much sums up Luddy
The-Panda-Bread Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Da feels~
That was great, fellow P-chan! :D
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hey, just out of curiosity...who is in the background of the cover pic with germany?
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